Thursday, January 20, 2011


If your preschooler is sick, please do not send them to school.

They will not miss something crucial. We are not studying for the SATs.

We color. We sing. We eat snacks. Oh, sure, we learn letters and numbers, but we'll be on the same letter tomorrow and I promise it won't matter much if they miss one day of fingerpainting it.

When you send your child to school with dripping green snot and are told not to bring them back until it's clear, we're serious. It's kinda mean to make your kid sit in the office for three hours because you don't believe he's really sick. Come feel his forehead, you might change your mind.

When you send your child to school sick, you make the rest of us sick also. If I get sick, my kids get sick, and I know you didn't know it was my kid's birthday this weekend, but it is and now, most likely, we'll be sick for it. What if I have to cancel my kid's party? What am I going to say to him? I know you didn't think of that before you sent your feverish kid to school, but it's possible and that will really suck for us.

When you send your child to school sick, he coughs on his friends, holds our hands with snotty fingers, and sneezes all over our toys. We had to throw things away today such as cotton and q-tips that couldn't be washed. We'll have to replace them. THAT is why your tuition goes up.

Please keep your child home when he is sick. When we point out the day before that, hey, he's getting sick, what we really mean, is, hey, don't come tomorrow. Learn it. Remember it. It won't hurt your child to miss three hours of fun time. It will also not hurt you to miss three hours of your fun time.

Please be considerate of your child's teacher and his classmates.

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Mama said...

ugh, I hate when parents send their sick babies to school!!