Tuesday, January 04, 2011

You Gotta Love People

I was going to type up my New Year's Resolutions this afternoon, but I just had the strangest phone call and thought I'd share that instead.

Okay. A little back story...

I have fourteen three (some now four) year old students. Most of them are only or first born children so this is their parents first school experience with their child. Many of them STILL walk their baby right inside the classroom even though they are strongly encouraged to use our right-at-the-curb-stay-in-your-jammies drop-off which was probably the deciding factor to me when deciding on a preschool for Adam. I mean, I don't understand why some of these people are showering AND applying make-up just to walk their kid twenty feet into the door. But, whatever.

Point being....some of these parents just bend the rules for themselves DAILY and also have some pretty lofty expectations as to what their three year old should be doing at this stage in the game, which I will tell you outright in case you didn't already know, it isn't reading at a first grade level. It's okay though. When I see Kid Two in a couple years I know they'll have figured it out by then. I did.

So anyway...

I am used to having to talk some parents back from the edge regarding academics and social skills, when I got a note this morning that M's mom wanted me to call her ASAP I figured she had a concern about her inability to write her entire eight letter name or the new bad word another child learned from her Papaw over Christmas break. Seriously...I just knew it was the bad word.


As I brace for a conversation I can understand, she begins telling me she'd like me to fire my room mom because she didn't want her around her child.

Seems her child who hasn't spoken twenty words to, well, anybody, that I can tell all year, looked up at her mama at the Christmas party and told her, and I quote, "Mommy, did you just see that lady press her b++bies into Daddy's face? Why did she do that, Mommy?

And I must add here that Room Mom MAY have had some work done, OR she is extremely lucky.

And it might have happened that Room Mom did not inform phone call mom about the class book exchange although I was standing right there putting her child in her car when she actually DID walk to her window and write all the information down AT HER REQUEST. She was also upset that Room Mom did not include her in the mass emails even though she never returned the slip I sent home four times asking to release her personal info.

And they showed up for the Christmas program the following night because that room mom who never included her, apparently told her it was THAT night just to be mean to her child because she didn't want them there. Never mind that every single newsletter sent home each month since September stated in bold red letters the real day and time of the event.

Now, you should also know that this is the same woman who, along with her husband, had to be removed from the church building because their four-letter word argument had escalated to the point that everyone in that section of the building could hear.

Were they fighting over the b++bies? We may never know.

My mouth is still agape.

I mean, really?

I think I was able to smooth things over. She did stop yelling after a while, but Lawrd almighty, I am askeered for the Valentine Party.

I don't get paid enough for this kind of ridiculousness.

My boss owes me hazard pay for this one.


Sadie said...

And I thought things could get sticky being a divorce lawyer! You don't think preschool teachers will have to navigate those kind of landmines...

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