Thursday, January 13, 2011


Please tell me the kindergarten "room mom"** did not just send an evite to the entire class inviting them all to her son's birthday party at the SAME. EXACT. TIME. as Adam's party.

She did NOT schedule her party the SAME. EXACT. TIME. three days after receiving MY kid's invitation.

It is on like donkey kong.

How do I keep finding these people?

**Because although she calls herself "room mom" she really isn't since she doesn't organize anything, I DO. Well, apparently she can organize an effing birthday party. At the SAME. EXACT. TIME as mine.



Kate said...

Oh no she dinnint! *3 snaps in a Z formation*

ChupieandJ'smama said...


Mama said...


I could maybe see it if the emails were sent out at nearly the same time... then it would just be a mis-communication... but three days later!!

sherrypg said...

I hate her for you.