Monday, January 31, 2011


I am sorta, kinda, keep-my-fingers-crossed getting better. So much better I went ahead and took my kids to a birthday party on Saturday. I drove an hour and twenty minutes each way when I really didn't want to and stood outside in a park for two hours shivering deep within my bones, but we went and the kids were happy.

For my trouble, we've all been exposed to strep throat.


I stood for fifteen minutes talking with a friend while my kids were within breathing distance of hers. As she went to walk away from me, she stopped another friend to say she was going home to bed because she didn't feel too well and had a fever all day.



Did she not get the common courtesy memo about fever=stay home?

This morning she announced to Facebook that she has strep throat. And so do her kids.


I can semi-sorta maybe see why people go to work sick. I've been on the short end of the sick day spectrum once upon a time, but why go to a birthday party around tons of babies, kids, and elderly people that really doesn't require your presence?

At Adam's party last week I offered cake to a classmate who had been dropped off at the door who then told me he didn't think he could eat any since he'd been vomiting all night long. That was after he's spent two hours in the confined bouncy house with nineteen other children.

I heard a mother telling another that her kid had a fever that morning, but thankfully, was all better after she'd given her some ibuprofen.

Are people REALLY this stupid? Or thoughtless? Or so bored they can't just stay home?

I really, really hope we don't get strep throat. Jacob has perfect attendance so far and while it's not that big a deal, I'd hate to think going to a party disqualified him from probably the only award he'd get at the end of the year. I also need to go to work tomorrow. If I don't go, I don't get paid. But if we're sick, we won't go.

And THAT'S what everyone else should do.


Fran said...

This stuff baffles me! Last week, my Wednesday class was going on a field trip. I have a student who takes meds midday so I went to the nurse to get them. Another teacher brought in a little girl who told her, "My Daddy said not to say anything or I couldn't go on the field trip, but my eye really hurts." This kid had the worst, most-obvious case of pink eye I have EVER seen. The nurse said, "Sorry honey, you can't go on the field trip. I am calling your dad right now." The little girl then said (through tears), "He's at his AA meeting right now so he probably won't answer."
The total kicker was him telling her not to tell! GRRRRR

Mommy Daisy said...

Why is right! I do NOT understand people that do this!! It's a huge problem with me.

Last Sunday while standing in the kid check-in line a little girl was crying softly to her mom right in front of me. I made some comment about "aww, poor thing". The mom then proceeds to tell me her daughter is crying because she doesn't feel great, but she (the young child) didn't want to stay home. She wanted to go to church so badly. The mom says "How can I say no to that?"

Grrr! Let me tell you how you can say no to that. The kid is sick! Keep her home, and don't expose my healthy child and countless other healthy children to her!

Kate said...

Yes, yes I believe they are really THAT stupid. Over the weekend someone posted her 4yr old had strep, earache, AND conjunctivits...guess who was at school this a.m. with her head on the table at 8:30am. mmhmm.