Monday, April 03, 2006

Is It Monday already?

The weather was BEAUTIFUL this weekend! That perfect kind of weather that isn't too hot and isn't too cold, no mosquitoes yet and the Texas humidity didn't creep up to dripping YET. It won't be long before we are forced inside from the unbearable heat so we took the weekend to enjoy it. On Saturday we pulled out the wading pool and let the kids (and dog) play. It was Adam's first time and he loved it. Whatever Big Bro is doing, he wants to be doing so it was all monkey see, monkey do but it was so much fun watching them play together. I laid in the hammock with a beer listening and watching my kids play, my favorite thing to do.

We went to a park here in town yesterday and walked the trails. We came home dusty and dirty and I couldn't help but think how different my life is now that I am surrounded by males. I never thought I would end up on my hands and knees in a park digging for the perfect rock or spending way too much time pitching those hard found rocks into a creek. I never thought I would have baggies full of rocks and cool leaves. I never knew that I would enjoy hunting doodlebugs with my son. I never thought I would be teaching my child how to throw a football and the cool way to wear a baseball cap. I never thought we would have to all bathe after a daily outing. I don't even remember what it was I thought my life would be like, but I like the one that was given to me, mud, testosterone and all. This is more fun than I could have imagined...Thank God for unanswered prayers!


Jennifer said...

I hear ya on that note. I am the only girl in the house and it's pretty cool. I didn't have any brothers growing up so it's cool to see another side of things.

firstborn said...

you are blessed! a patient of mine recently told me that his life changed for the better when he had his kids. and it sounds like you can say the same too!