Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's Sunday.....

Well, Adam and I are skipping church again. I know the congregation is starting to think Derick and I divorced and are probably trying to set him up with other women at this point. It's just too hard right now with Adam. He won't stay in the nursery at all, is in the middle of a clingy phase where only Mama will do. If I take him to the service with me I end up out in the hallway before the sermon even starts or, worse yet, outside in the Texas heat pacing back and forth the entire time. I would rather stay home and listen to Joel Osteen in my jammies while mopping the floor. I like Joel Osteen...he puts a nice spin on things, he's easy to understand, and his sermons are short.

Anyway, I need to stay home and get my house cleaned up so I have a good excuse today. My parents are coming to visit tomorrow afternoon. My dad has business meetings in Houston this week, so they are staying here a few days and then we are all heading up to the lake for the weekend. We haven't told Jacob they are coming so it will be a nice surprise for him. He hasn't seen his grandpa in a year so I know he will be so excited. He is still missing Bryce so much, I think this will be a good distraction for him. Of course, he is using his sorrow to his advantage....he pulls out the tears and lets us know when ice cream or a new rescue hero would make him feel better about Bryce moving. He's a little con man I am afraid.

I think I mentioned before that my husband was "thrifty". In actuality, he is CHEAP. Imagine my complete surprise when he pulled off on a whim into a furniture store and bought a kitchen table within ten minutes. Hallelujah! Our current table is twelve years old, falling apart, and has marker marks all over it. I don't even think the resale shop would take it and I know a garage sale isn't in it's future. Derick wants to keep it for a craft table which would be great, if we had a CRAFT ROOM, but since we barely have room to move in this house as it is, I think my old and trusty table is going to be seeing the inside of the garbage truck real soon. Of course, we still have a few weeks with Old Table as New and Shiny Table won't be coming until at least June. They reel you in and get you all psyched for new furniture, take your money and THEN tell you it isn't in the warehouse.

I leave you with this photo of Adam with my "grandparents". They were our neighbors growing up and since we lived so far from our own grandparents they kind of took us in as their own. They consider my kids to be their first great grandchildren and love them like they actually were. Today is their 60th wedding anniversary.

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firstborn said...

your post made me smile...i love reading about you and your boys :) ...

your kids are so precious! keep those stories coming!!!

and so are your surrogate grandparents...that's so awesome happy 60th anniversary!!!

:) mary ann