Monday, July 24, 2006

Gripe, gripe, gripe

OK, I lied, I am going to complain again.

What is wrong with people these days? What happened to polite, hardworking, good mannered individuals? I want to know where to find them because they aren't here...

Today I:

1. Spent the morning dealing with shady carpet dealers trying to get out of a scam deal they presented to us this weekend. My husband and I want new carpet. We don't know the first thing about carpet. In hindsight, I see where we should have researched carpet BEFORE placing down payment on carpet, but having done the research after the fact we found out that the salesman totally lied to us about the chosen carpet and basically told us everything we wanted to hear instead of the facts about it being a subpar piece of flooring. WHY couldn't the salesman have been up front with us? We would have ended up buying the more expensive rug therefore rendering him a bigger commission? Instead my husband had to take a half day's vacation to straighten that out.

2. Was called by teenage swim lesson instructor TWICE. First time to switch swimming lesson time from 8:30 am to 6:15 pm. I paid and had these lessons scheduled since early May, but they called me THE DAY BEFORE to reschedule. Teenage girl stated 8:30 "just wasn't good for her". Then she called me back two hours later while I was attempting to get my little one to nap to ask me if 4:15 would be okay, "because she just can't be available at 6". Then she lets me know that she won't be at the first class at all, they will be cancelling that and moving the first day to Wednesday. Gee, Thanks. THEN, the company in charge of swimming lessons calls and another teenage girl wants to confirm my charge card number although I was charged for the damn class two months ago. Only then did I find out that Yes, class will be at 4:15, previous airheaded teenager didn't give a follow up call like she said she would. My guess about the whole thing: She has a date one of those evenings and doesn't like waking up before noon. The real work world is going to suck for you one day girlfriend, hope you marry a rich man.

3. Tried to make a dentist appointment for Jacob as he is due for his six month checkup. They cannot see him until late August. That's okay by me, but when I ask for an afternoon appointment (he gets out of school at noon) they inform me that only children six and up can have the afternoon appointments, would I be interested in a school holiday appointment, say December 31? They then keep trying to schedule me at 9 am and I keep saying HE WILL BE IN SCHOOL and they keep transfering me to the next rude lady, one who said the reason he couldn't be seen in the afternoon was because it said on his chart "does not like cherry flouride treatment" and obviously, according to her, this made him a behavior problem so behavior problems were seen in the morning. Why? Because they are afraid he will turn into a werewolf after lunch? The next lady told me that they have previouly had issues with him and I told them that I asked specifically if he had behaved and was given a glowing report, and really, my kid tattles on himself, had he acted up I would have known about it, she again reiterated the notliking cherry report and apparently that is a crime in the dentistry world. So be forewarned! I asked them to put down in his chart that he didn't like the cherry kind because, God forbid, he doesn't! I then asked the third lady if they didn't do school age kids at all because, HEY, I ain't getting an appointment no matter how hard I plead my case and this is what she says: "Most normal parents take their kids out of school for the morning of the appointment" So I say, yeah, well when you are only going three hours that equals a whole day and I think the administration would frown on that" so she says, and I kid you not, "Then I think it's time to find a new dentist" and hung up on me. Yeah, you better believe it. Of course what I really want to do is wait until he turns six and show up there IN THE AFTERNOON!

4. Stopped at Taco Crapana after the floor fiasco and ordered our meals along with a kid's meal. No toy with the kid's meal even though there is a GREAT BIG SIGN that says you receive a toy. When I asked if I could get a toy the rude cashier said that the meal's didn't come with toys. I pointed out the sign, she went in back and found a crappy toy and pretty much threw it at my husband. They also served all of our food upside down in a big heaping mess. Queso all over everything, ten bucks wasted, won't be eating there again, thank you very much.

I do know that there are worse things in the world, but rude and inconsiderate people bother me. I was not brought up to be that way and would never treat people in the same fashion I am treated here on a daily basis. Is it like this where you live? If not, I am moving there. I have been in Texas close to seven years now and I can count on one hand the number of times people are polite to us in a service situation. Is it just because this city is so big? AAAGGGHHHH, enough already. I want to meet some nice people for a change!


sweet memories said...

sounds like the complete day from hell! The dentist story just cracked me up....unreal...I couldnt imagine being treated like that..the first time I took K she wouldnt go near the chair, they said, well, we can try it again in 6 months, no charge, very nice and it was fine the next time....I go to a place that is not pediatric, just my own dentist...sounds like you handled them very well, I would have gone doctors office is rude,and that is only because i had to change recently...when I get 'good; service, I usually write a thank you card....its all about how you are treated..generally folks in new england are nice, being from NY, they are a little less kissy/huggie...but generally when you see someone you know standing in line for iced coffee, you dont throw your arms around them and give them a kiss like you do in New took some getting used to..anyway, in your case, I would go speak with the dentist and let him/her know the treatment you got, I did that with my doctor when I was having scheduling probs for the time they opened the phones in the morning, they were always booked! and would tell me to go to the emergency room very rudely..horrible..I told the doctor and now he calls me when he hears I call in to make an appt, etc...he doesnt want to lose his practice...I was thinking one time of developing a business where you go around to all these privately run offices, etc and give customer service training...I did that in a corporate environment before and just thought, it is just in the way that you TALK shouldnt be too difficult, right?! and when you become a mother, then you have even more to worry about, how are your kids being treated, isnt it fun?!

Amie said...

Wow, those are unbelievable!