Sunday, July 30, 2006

West Virginia Vacation - Part 3

Wheeling now has a Children's Museum. Interesting. I don't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. Don't get me wrong, though, the kids had a blast and I am wishing the boys and I had checked it out earlier and gotten more use out of it while we were there. The best part was that we strolled in about 11:30 and I guess everyone is eating lunch then because we had the place completely to ourselves for over two hours.

There were dress up boxes and construction bins and an entire art room where the kids drew and painted. There was a mini rock wall and rainbow tunnels and huge jungle gyms and an obstacle course. There were blocks, a rice table, and a huge reading nook with cozy chairs and pillows and wonderful stories to read. In short, it was a preschool paradise.

At the make believe grocery was eye opening to watch my son argue with Abby the cashier over having rung up something the wrong price and then refuse to buy something "because he didn't have a coupon for it"

My sister is never one to pass up a good time. She spent her time constructing a lego house built specific to the new hurricane building codes in Escambia County (she's from Pensacola and just recently patched up from Hurricane Ivan).

They call it a Children's Museum, but it's fun for everyone! Bruce, my BIL, enjoyed the rice table and the cool sifting gadgets that went with it. He said he was only showing Abigail how to make them work, but he stayed there long after she ran off to play with something else.

Now if they had just served beer there.......


sweet memories said...

sounds like a wonderful afternoon, dont you just love to watch their creativity and how they use it when they play?! that has got to be my favorite thing, to watch kids interacting and what they share with eachother....the coupon was just too funny....I am going to meet Be Alive Believe Be You
today....(Melba) I dont know if you have read her blog or not, but she is having this wicked cool gathering next October...and I live very close, so I will be joining them....and no, not running off on a crazy trips and quality time with my daughter...and husband later on in the week...hey, thanks for sharing your sweet and funny stories, I love to read them...(I dont know if Melbas link will come through...if not, it is your day!

OneHungMan said...

OneHung likes the picture with Elvis the best.

Thank ya, thank ya very much

kelly jeanie said...

Ok, that's too funny about the coupon. Good habits you're teaching your kids...maybe his wife will send him grocery shopping!

The museum sounds like a neat place.

Tracey said...

Children's museums are cool, but they are so expensive around here!

Glad you had a good time, though!