Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Zoo Continued

Am I the only person who is a big sucker for these things? You may have to click on it to see Abigail's expression. She could really work the pout, cracked me up. Oh, do NOT ask me to be in a picture, the horrors! The vacuum stashed in the back corner is a nice touch as well.

As I was hoping to head out for home. My BIL somehow took control of MY camera and insisted on a picture. And you see my baby's bump? If you look closely you can probably see his bloody fingers too, but hey it's more important to get a picture made.

I took this picture from wwwaaayyyy across the room. My telephoto lens is THAT good. It's out of focus a little, but I thought it was sweet. He was showing his Gammy how hurt he was....he knows how to work it.

The preschool set really enjoyed the make believe zoo vet clinic they had set up inside. They gave those stuffed animals a real work up! We had to drag them out of there as well as my BIL who was still reading all the signs.


Stacey said...

I love the little picture thingies. When I was younger and my family took me and my little sister to Disney World, they had these types of things all over. We have loads of pictures of our family sticking our heads in the holes. :)

OneHungMan said...

Abigail looks absolutely petrified.

firstborn said...

i know it's cheesy, but i love those photo op displays too! i think it had to do with my parents always getting my sis jo & i to stand in back of those holes back in the day...

i'm cracking up over here are such a vivid writer!

:) mary ann