Friday, July 21, 2006

West Virginia Vacation....Part 1

You cannot imagine how giddy I am to have high speed internet again! It was absolutely maddening trying to post even a short, written post as it took ages to publish. Add a picture and I was there over an hour. I wanted to write about all these places as they happened, but wouldn't have had the same effect without the photos so, now I will back track and let you know all that we did while we were in wild, wonderful West Virginia.

We spent the last six weeks (give or take) in Moundsville, West Virginia. It is in the northern panhandle about eight miles south of Wheeling and eighty miles south of Pittsburgh. Just three blocks from our old house is the Grave Creek Mound. It is one of the largest Adena Indian burial mounds dating back to 250 BC, hence the name, Moundsville. This was the first year we have been able to walk to the top as they have been repairing the steps the past few years, so Jacob and I made a day of it (actually a short morning) and checked it out.

Walking up the mound, finally got him to turn around and stop for a picture

We made it! In the late 1800s there was a saloon at the top. I was kind of wishing for one that morning. Where my kid ran to the top, I pretty much crawled to the top.

So there is the mound. We thought it was pretty cool. I think the whole concept of an ancient burial ground was lost of Jacob, but he ran off lots of energy and slept good that night.

Stay tuned for Part 2......the zoo!


Shane said...

Surely you toured the prison while you were there! Hope to see those pictures if you did. I told you we lived in Moundsville for 6 months didn't I...before moving to New Martinsville? By the way, I lost your email addy if could shoot me an email so I'll have it again.

andria said...

We did not tour the prison because Jacob has a new fear of police cars and policemen, apparently his really smart daddy told him if he didnt' behave once that they would pick him up and cart him to prison, SO not this trip. I have toured it in the past and all I remember about it was that it stunk like pee...still. I have a picture of the outside from the mound that is nice, but apparently I have used my limit on pictures this week so can't post them.

OneHungMan said...

Kudos to daddy for putting the fear of God (or the cops) into the little boy.

firstborn said...

looked like an adventure for sure!

& your precious boys are such cuties!!!! always love to read about all your family adventures...thank you for giving me glimpses into your life andria!

xo, mary ann