Friday, October 27, 2006

Fuzzy Picture Friday

What a difference five weeks makes!

I went this week for my nuchal translucency scan because I am old as Methusalah and what the hell am I thinking having a baby at my advanced maternal age? If you have never heard of the NT, it is basically a sharper ultrasound where they measure a neckfold and search for a nasal bone to determine your risk for having a child with chromosomal disorders.

Good news! We have nasal bone and low measuring neckfold! BUT, we have an unfused amniotic sac that may or may not be a signal of chromosomal defects. I go back in four weeks for another scan and to donate more blood and should find out something definitive the week after Thanksgiving.

I am really not stressed about this, even after googling this condition (damn google) and finding that it could lead to Trisomy 18
and even fetal death, I accept what it is: something I cannot change and will deal with if and when the time comes. Plus, the doctor told me he was almost sure he was looking at a healthy baby, but he could make no promises, and he was just such a nice guy I have to trust that. I love this doctor! He's not my regular one, he's a maternal fetal specialist, but if he delivered babies I would drop my OB in a minute, even if he did keep me waiting for two hours. He was a dead ringer for William H. Macy and who doesn't love William H. Macy?

But as for the baby, it is 7.3 centimeters long and measuring right on target which puts me right about 14 weeks. It's heart rate was 159 and it can move it's arms and legs and roll around. I will tell you that I finally had a dream about this baby, at least I suppose it was this baby, and I got a gender and a name BUT I am keeping it to myself because I like having that little secret just for me. Not that it is solid information because I do not have special powers to dream the future, but who knows, we shall see.

Fourteen down, twenty four more to go!


Plain Jane Mom said...

What a CUTIE! Good luck with all the testing. All the deadlines and timelines and waiting can make you nuts. Of course, pregnancy itself made me a nutjob, so maybe that was it. May you have better sanity than I did! ;)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Congratulations on one cute baby! I'm saying an extra prayer that God takes good care of you and your new little one.

Tracey said...

What a cute little blur!! :) Wow. 14 weeks! You're getting up there! At least the holiday season will help move the next 3 months along, but that whole January through March wait... well. That just sucks when pg. Sorry. BTDT.

How are you feeling, though?

Anonymous said...

I bet your dream is true! That is so cool.

I can't wait to find out! You know you're going to have to keep blogging even when the baby is brand new and you're super busy. I have to know stuff!

Are you feeling better now?

Michelle said...

Oh wow look at what a clear picture of your baby that is! Look at the detail down to the little toes and everything! I miss being pregnant!! :)

Stay away from google!

Keeping your little one in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I just love those first ultrasound pictures. Glad to hear all looks well. You have such a wonderful additude about things....Don't worry about what you can not change. I'm sure all will be well and the little guy/gal will be happy and healthy when you meet him in 24 (or so) weeks.

Bozics said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your boys are adorable and congratulations on the newest baby. I have lived in Morgantown for 12 years and we love it so much. Libby is more adorable everyday. Thanks again for reading our story.

Lori said...

I LOOOVE the U/S pic!! You can see his/her profile so sweet! :)

I'll be praying for the baby too. I agree, you have the best possible outlook that you can because it's really out of your hands. Everything else sounds wonderful though, so try to focus on that!'d better stop talking about how old you are girl! I'm not *that* far behind you! :)


Beck said...

Look at your baby's little face! You have a great outlook - this is your baby and being scared won't make anything better. I'll pray that everything is fine for both of you!

firstborn said...

ditto what everyone has said! & you know what? take comfort in knowing that I am older than dirt, hahaha!

sending you hugs, love & positive thoughts you're way,
mary ann xo

BethGo said...

You have the best outlook on this. Oh, I am crossing my fingers for you that everything turns out ok. Regardless, congrats on your new little one. So sweet!