Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

It's hard for me to get to the computer these days. I can effectively ignore my older two kids when I want to blog, turn on the other computer or a video, but the baby isn't into those things yet and she likes to be held and entertained all day long so my blogging time is limited. Sorry about that.

Did I tell you about our meeting with the psychologist? No? Well, basically, Jacob has ADHD and she recommended that we try medication rather than putting him in the transitional kindergarten next year. He has been on medicote, or something like that, for about two weeks now. I can tell a difference in the way he waits in line and can now carry on a phone conversation, but other than that I can't see that it's helping all that much. We were really relieved to find out that he 1. was not autistic, 2. had a great self-concept, and 3. it is no way our fault (take that family!). Hopefully we will get this medication issue figured out before first grade starts in August. How is it that he is old enough to be in first grade? Wasn't he just a baby?

I cannot get over the amount of pink things coming into my house these days. People we haven't heard from in years have sent gifts and cards. I am grateful for it all, but poor Adam only raked in two things when he was born and we may have gotten three cards. This is what I was talking about.....if Elizabeth had been a boy, I doubt others would be that interested in her. The biggest thing that peeved me was that my FIL sent five really cute outfits and a card, but he never did that for the boys, and could he have just dropped a note into the box for at least Jacob? Heck no. Oh well, at least my little one will be well dressed in six to nine months.

Since I was cleared to drive yesterday, I am hoping to pick up with my regular life again. I want to buy my own groceries and pick up my kid from school. The husband's birthday is this weekend so I need to go find a gift and, of course, I cannot forget my mother after all she's done for us the past few weeks. I have no idea where to begin. I do know that I won't have to cook any meals because between the few friends we have here, my MOPS group, and some of Jacob's classmate's parents we have had meals catered to us ever since we returned home from the hospital. We didn't have this luxury the last times and we are enjoying every second of it.

And because I am at a loss for words, sleep deprived and medicated you know.......pictures:


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Glad things are getting worked with Jacob. Hopefully the medication will get straightened out soon too.
The pictures are great! Your children are adorable :)

Dana said...

My gosh Andria! She's a doll! She's got a double chin already! CUTE! I'm glad to hear that things are moving along with Jacob. Medication trials can be difficult, hang in there! Isn't it sad how quickly our babies grow up? My 3rd boy will be 9!!! on Saturday! ALREADY!

Shane said...

Isn't it nice to have a diagnosis? I was just relieved to know why my oldest is like he is. It's easier to cope with and treat it once you know. Have you ever checked out my ADHD & LD blog? www.adhdguide.blogspot.com Getting the meds right and getting the right dosage is the tough part. Just hang in there. At least you have the summer to get that part straightened out. Garrett was first on Straterra. That worked for about a year and a half and then it just stopped. Since then he's been on Focalin XR. LOVE it! No side effects and works like a charm. Love the pics too...especially the first one. Check back in and update us when you can. :)

Miss Hope said...

This parenting gig we got isn't the easiest most of the time. I had two girls then my boy and same thing happened. Major notice and recognition over the firstborn grandson. Good thing we don't treat them that way, right? Love the pictures!

Amie said...

Love the pictures, keep em coming! :D

Sadie said...

On one hand it sucks that people wouldn't have been so nice if Elizabeth had been a boy. But on the other, sweet! Swag!

Glad you're doing well, and that you got good news about Adam.

That top picture is super sweet.

Michelle said...

what darling pictures!