Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits.....sort of

Well, Jacob is on his way to his summer vacation. It is extremely quiet around here much of the time. I miss him terribly and Adam does too, although he is really enjoying playing with his brother's toys. The kindergarten graduation went well. They sang songs and recited bible verses and walked up to receive their diplomas like perfect little soldiers....except for Jacob who waved at me and blew kisses and yelled how much he loved me from the stage. Sometimes it's nice to have a kid with no social inhibitions.

With Jacob gone, that means Gammy is gone too. Also gone are morning showers, afternoon naps, lunch, and breakfast. I get about three hours of sleep each night and that's spread out over eight hours. My night is a series of thirty minute feedings, ten minute burpings, fifteen minute rockings, and the fifteen minute transer to crib-back pat-shushing routine and then she's up again an hour later to begin it all again, IF I don't have to go back to her ten minutes later to administer the pacifier shove and back pat routine. To say I am tired is an extreme understatement.

So I am alone all day now with two kids in diapers. I have only had to call poison control once so far and I only had to clean up one lotiony mess. I have gotten bitten, pinched, and slapped and have paced with a screaming baby for hours on end. The meals have stopped coming so we ate cheez-its and muffins for dinner last night. Tonight.....frozen waffles if I can find them. I have no earthly idea when I will ever make it to the grocery store again so I feel like the Lost castaways before they found the hatch with all the food. I am seriously considering selling those pearls so I can pay for a maid or at least some teenager who can come play with my attention starved two year old for a few hours each day. Mother of the Year I'm not.

The incessant crying is getting to me. It has gone from a two hour nightly thing to an all day/all night scream fest. I guess it was good Adam was such a great baby because had he been like this I would have ripped my own uterus out with a rusty fork.

Geez, I miss my big kid, at least he doesn't cry.

But with that being said...I do love these little creatures immensely. I am extremely lucky to have three healthy kids. I know I won't be sleep deprived forever and the crying will end eventually (won't it?) I truly do love the tiny infants and I know I will miss this stage when it's over. They may not be the easiest kids in the world, but they sure are the cutest......


Sadie said...

Yeah. See, this is what I mean. I read that, and I STILL have the urge.

Dude, my biological clock must be in serious overdrive.

Elizabeth said...

OMG how ADORABLE your kids are!! I know it's hard with newborns, I remember the feed-burp-change-rock-pat-shush ALL too well. Hang in there!

BethGo said...

Oh my goodness. That sounds like torture. I have the DVD of "The Happiest Baby on the Block" and two Miracle Blankets excellent for swaddling that are yours if you want them (that is, if you don't have them already).
Here is my email:
Send me your address and I will get them to you. Consider it a gift.

That is a gorgeous picture!

Dana said...

That sounds like a rough night! Maybe you should check out Hylands homeopathic meds. I used the teething tablets with my boys and they were a Godsend! I know they have some for restless babies too. I LOVE their products and they are all natural. You can order them online so no need to leave the house (which it sounds like you're not doing so much these days) Hang in there Andria! Like you said, these times don't last forever.

Lynsey said...

So sad that Jacob is gone! I'm sure you miss him...but sounds like you'll keep yourself plenty busy while he's away!!! I am now 5 weeks from having my own screaming/feeding/burping/rocking endless nights. Can't wait! :-)