Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

American Idol......Melinda, Blake, or Jordin? I don't really care, I haven't kept up with it this year like I have in the past, but it would be wrong for Melinda to go home without something. She's by far the better vocalist in the whole group, although I probably wouldn't itune any of their songs anyway, so whatever.

My husband's job just switched his schedule to 12 hour days with every other Friday off. I am wishing this could have been done this past year because that extra time with Jacob would have been good for him, but hallelujah!, that's once every two weeks I don't have to drive the kid to school and might possibly be able to sleep in....well, if I didn't have a tiny piranha hanging off of me every two hours, but still, that has to end sometime right?

My baby will be a month old this week. Where did those weeks go? I am already missing the teeny newborn infant stage. She started smiling a bit and interacts more. I miss that lumpy baby! Would you laugh at me if I told you I wanted just one more? Yep, I really do, but I believe it's all hormonal as I felt like this after having Adam and by the time he was nine months old I was giving away some of our baby stash. Of course, my OB told me that it would be dangerous to have a fourth child as my uterus was completely worn out making me high risk for a rupture and I had to think.....how in hell is it that my uterus gave out after three but that Duggar woman is still going like the Energizer bunny expecting her 17th next month? Oy.

I watched the series finale of King of Queens last night. It was a good wrap up, but the whole Chinese adoption thing irked me. Not that they adopted from China but because three weeks after deciding to adopt from China they got a call and a picture of their four day old baby. Uh, that does not happen. Now I am no expert in Chinese adoption, but my friend is. It took her tons of paperwork and interviews and money plus thirteen months of waiting to bring her daughter home and that was two years ago. They are in the process again and she tells me that the laws have changed and they have many more hoops to jump through this time so it will be at least two years before they are even matched with a child. CBS dropped the ball on that one.

Sadie, I thought of you while my baby was being born. A Daughtry song was playing on the radio.

They cancelled Crossing Jordan. Was I the only one who watched that show?

My quest for the perfect Mother's Day photo didn't go well.....


kelly jeanie said...

Andria, your family is beautiful. I hope one of your kids becomes a professional photographer because your perfect picture quests crack me up. If that happens, at least you'll have perfect grandkid pictures. :)

Tracey said...

I was thinking the same as Kelly! I personally think that the picture IS perfect, cuz it shows the kids as they really are: crazy, unpredictable, monkeys.

Sadie said...

Okay, can I just say that I LOVE that I am now associated with Daughtry in so many people's minds.

Secondly, how awesome is it that Daughtry was playing when your daughter was being born? You totally should have named her Daughtry. ;)

Finally, you and your quest for perfect photos always produce the most realistically wonderful ones. :)

Dana said...

Andria, I didn't know they cancelled Crossing Jordan! I watch that! Dang it! I LOVE the Mom's day pic. I didn't manage to get one this year! Love the vaseline story too. It sounds very familiar. And yes, I think I do see a senior in that picture! He's so handsome! Don't feel nuts about wanting another baby either! I really would love to have just 1 more. That would make a grand total of 6 for us....maybe a lil something pink to finish off the family....LOL