Monday, February 25, 2008

The Goose is Loose

Sometimes we call Elizabeth, Goose.

Or Goosie. Or Goose-a-rooni. Or something very goose like.

Elizabeth is such a long and formal name and Goose is so much easier to say.

No we don't have a strange love of water fowl.

At some point during Elizabeth's early days when I was still popping like candy taking the vicodin and the days and nights ran together, I started calling her my silly goose because, frankly, it was nicer than crab ass. Eventually I dropped my and silly because I was too tired to include them. Elizabeth is a very hard name to coo to a screaming baby and "goose, goose, goosey" sounded a lot like "shush, shush, shushing" and it worked almost every time.

Now, nine months later, everyone calls her Goose.

When Adam is asked for his sister's name, he always replies Goose.

The husband greets her every evening with "How's my honking Goose? Did you fly away today?"

I even caught my dad, who insists her name is Rachel, telling her she was the prettiest Goose he had ever seen.

Shoot, even the other kids at Little Gym call her Goose.

This here's my Christmas Goose.

No, that joke never did get old.

Yeah, I agreed to name my baby girl, Elizabeth, because of all the nickname possiblities. I just never imagined Goose would be one of them.

I guess this makes me Mother Goose, huh?

So am I the only weirdo mom who calls her child by a silly name? Fess up.


kelly jeanie said...

Owen is The Spud. DH started calling him that while I was pregnant and it just kind of stuck. So now we have Spud, Spudlet, Spudnik...etc.

The Goose is cute!! First thing I thought of though was Top Gun. Maybe she has piloting in her future?

Tracey said...

Justin is Boo Boo. Or sometimes, just Boo.

Amie said...

That is so cute! Sometimes I call Sadie the Sadinator. My husband has names for all the boys but he hasn't thought of one for Sadie yet. It always takes him a long time to find the right one.

Melissa said...

Oh where to begin. I think we have atleast five or so names for each of our five kids. I will list the most recent ones because they have seemed to stick the longest so here goes: Sarah is Sister Marie or Sarah Bear, Adam is Mr. Steven or Bo, Jack is Gwak Man or Crooked eye, Grace is Tootie or Susan Q's and we always say to her mind your P's and Q's Susan Q's, and Ben is Chubs or Nizzer. Now don't get me started on songs because we have made up dorky songs for each of our kids that I would be much to embarassed to sing. HA!
So you're not alone with the love names. Goose is a cutie!

Lynsey said...

Goose is adorable! I used to call this little boy I nannied for, Moose. It just fit him. We call Brendan "B-Lo." How's that for weird? It shortens his first and last name...and copies J-Lo of course. Everyone we know, everyone, calls him B-Lo too. I wonder what people at the supermarket think when I call him that....

Leslie said...

My daughter has been "Muffin" her whole life... but now she's ten, and dosen't appreciate it so muchanymore, so we've switched to "Chuck," or "Chuckles."

She has also been called, thorughout the years, hosehead, stinkerbutt, stinky baby, and a whole host of other names. If any kid calls her a name in the playgound, she has a full vocabulary of non-profane combacks. And to her, she isn't being made fun of at all, it is just a game.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Shoot, I don't think Alexis even know that's her real name. We NEVER call her that. She gets Kinnley, Bear, Lex, Sweet Cheeks, Kinnley Bear, Short Stuff, and Crackers. But not Alexis.

Becky said...

Alex is known as "Bubbly," "Bubbly Tubs," "Slim," AND "JJ."

And that is just the tip of the ole iceberg.

JaniceNW said...

Oh heck no. Keenan was Keekee, Pinkin, my little piggy, sweetpea(which is what my dad used to call me),scoocher cuz he never stayed in one place.

Riley was Smiley Riley, squiggly wiggly, motor mouth, Ry guy, Riles,pimkin, hungry hungry hippo etc.

I don't think we ever used their real names the first year of their lives.

Sherry said...

I've called my 17 year old stepson Elizabeth from the git-go. (His middle name is his mom's maiden name and since I refuse to say it, I just call him Elizabeth. And he does answer to it.)

I call my eight year old son Chicken (Chick) or Poot.

Dana said...

Man oh man! I have had tons of silly names for my boys. Jon was always just Bubba because...well he was 10 lbs and 2 ft long at birth. Jake was just Jake a snake because that's what my cousins daughter called him. Tucker was......Pooie Louie, Poo-is of the Louis, Tucker Manucker, Tuckerbutt, and most recently chubby bubby among others. Tanner has always been Tanman, Tanner Bananer, Dennis the Menace, chunky monkey. Brennen is my baby B, lil B, My Squishy, toodle pip, B Luva....
Goose is super cute!

Sadie said...

Mother Goose!!! *LMAO* Love it!!!

K doesn't have a silly nickname. She's angel. M is princess....BUT, her dad calls her Gator. M-Gator. Gator.

Shane said...

You know I call my boys everything but their birth name. G. is Bubby and/or Bubbles. P. is Tater Tot or just plain Tater. Now, are those redneck names or what? And, it gets hubby is Goober! By the way, I like Goose. :)

Lynanne said...

I think goose is a lovely nickname :) My daughter became ella-bah after she called her doll "bah-bee." Soon it was shortened to The Bah. Weird, I know.

Following suit, we rarely call our youngest by his real name. It's been Squishy, Squishter, Squishmeister, Squishymon...well, you get the picture.

Erin said...

Not only do I call my daughter Emily, Emi-looney or Looney, I named my blog after her nickname. Hence, The Looney Bin. And my Lucy is Lucy-kins, or Luce-a-roni, or sweet cheeks or chubby checker.

My sister calls Emily Stinkerbell.

So yeah, lotso nicknames around here, too!

Rosie's Posey said...

I am so glad to find other "weird" moms on here.

Dh, Brian is Fred.
dd, Gabriella is cheeka
dd, Olivia is Livi Lynn
dd, Savannah Rose is Rosie or Posey or Rosie Posey

now for the dogs...
Autumn is Ruggie Rouge
Jenna is Gator or Jader or Jader Ann
Special is Doodles or Doodley Doo.

I live in a loony bin with a bunch of lunatics. I think I may be the ring leader