Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Phone Call

I swear, it's not my children who keep me young, it's all the women surrounding me who apparently never left high school.....

To recap:

I was in charge of organizing the class Valentine's Day party. Because I am strapped for time and a free room in which to speak quietly on the phone, I emailed all parents about all meetings, discussions, ideas from start to finish. Of the three women who got back to me, this was also their preferred method of contact so I went with it. Jacob's teacher said she also preferred email because then she wasn't saddled with a bunch of notes to send home and collect. She gave me the list of parents and the email addresses given to her. By February 13, the chips, some sprinkles, and some napkins were donated, I bought the rest. Party done.

At 6:36 the night before, the phone rang. I saw on the caller id that it was a mother from Jacob's class and refused to answer it as we were smack dab in the middle of our dinner but since my husband does not understand the meaning of the words DON'T ANSWER IT, I took the call.

It went like this:

Stupid husband: (answering phone, handing it to me, yet never saying hello) Here's the phone. It's for you. It's KW. Do you know her? (because he is a complete idiot)

Me: Hello

KW: Hello! Is this Andria?

Me: No, it's Derick. Yes

KW: This is KW, xxxx's mom. I was just wondering when the Valentine's Day party was going to be.

Me: Do you not own a calendar?Uh, tomorrow at 2.

KW: Well, I was just discussing with M here and we were both wondering if we signed up to bring anything.

Me: Uh, no.

KW: (you can hear M snickering in the background) Are you sure? Because we were so sure we signed up for something when you called.

Me: No.

KW: Oooohhh, that's right. I didn't get a phone call. I didn't get an email either. I guess I wasn't important enough to know about the party. Well, I guess that means I'm not bringing anything.

Me: You send your kid to Christian school?Nope, I guess not.

KW: (snickering along with M in the background) Okay then. Click.

Of all the email addresses, KW's address along with her ex-husbands, were the only ones to come back to me time after time so I eventually just deleted them from my group list. I guess if I had loads of time and only one child like she did, I could've picked up the phone and filled her in, but then I figured they gave the wrong email addresses, if they wanted to be informed they should have changed it with the teacher because, uh, where are they getting her important information????


The next morning I got a call from M. At first I thought KW might have been talking about another M because M is such a common name from the early seventies that many, many women have and since I don't know all ten of the full day K mamas names seeing as how they never speak to me or anything. When I looked at my list, though, I realized there was only one M and found it awfully strange that M wanted to know when the party was since she was at THE MEETING! Oh yeah, and supposedly bringing plastic knives and sprinkles too. But anyway, she called all sheepish-like the next morning while I was in my death stupor to tell me that she wouldn't be at the party because her daughter was ill and that she would send her supplies at lunch time with her husband. Whatever. I was too damn sick to care.

Am I missing something, or did we leave junior high, like, eons ago?

If KW is pissed that she didn't get an email, why didn't she call me like an adult and discuss it four weeks ago when the first ones went out??? What in hell was she trying to accomplish with that phone call?

Geez, I'm too old for this shit.

And really. What good is all that newfangled fancy caller id stuff if we aren't going to use it to our full advantage? Time for husband to attend Family Telephone Etiquette 101.


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh my goodness. How petty can we be. You handled it so nicely. I would be mad! I'm glad you could be the bigger person though. Good for you.

JaniceNW said...

Ahem. I would have brought what you asked me to bring. If my child was sick I would have called another child's mom to brong them. How hard is that? Andria I think I'd slap one of the witches if I were you.

HUGS for the good nice Mommy!!!!

Anonymous said...

You handled that SO MUCH better than I would have. For our preschool V Day party, the other class mom called me and suggested that we just handle everything ourselves. I did my best not to high-five in the parking lot the next day.

Sadie said...

You certainly handled that with more class than I did. What idiots!! You're right, we did leave junior high eons ago...and I didn't become an adult to end up back in that **llhole!! Ugh.

Kudos to you for being so mature. And get that Telephone Etiquette class for your hubby.

*shakes head*

kelly jeanie said...

Unreal. I absolutely agree, it does sound like a couple of high-schoolers. Sheesh.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I agree! It sounds like they were from junior high. It takes big b*lls to call someone out like that. Why would she even do that? What an a$$!
I'd say most of the moms from my sons class behave that way. It's pretty pathetic. Now the parents for Little Man's class are totally hands off. I can't even get e-mail addresses from them because they don't want to be bothered. I've posted another e-mail sign up sheet and I see only 1 person has added their e-mail. School sucks. I thought I was done with this crap in 1988.

Erika, Plain Jane Mom said...

Call her back and tell her that you won't be her best friend and you're not inviting her to your birthday party.

Then go to the mall and talk smack about her in the food court. Visit the rest room and write her phone number on the wall prefaced by "for a good time, call ..."

Fight fire with fire, bitches!! :)

OneHungMan said...


OHM dreads the day he has to deal with crap like this.

Becky said...

That's so bloody annoying. What nasty people.

Leslie said...

Wow, you handled that well, considering the immaturity of the other mom!!

Amie said...

Oh my gosh! I would of had to same something nasty.

SydneyDawn said...

Wow, seriously. Those women need to grow up and act their ages, not their children's ages.

And really? Who has time to call a bunch of people when emailing is so much quicker and easier. Shall I tell them to get with the program for you? :)

Miss Hope said...

Times like this make your eye start twitching...then your cheek muscles...then your head...

Next thing you know? You're on nerve medication because the parents act more immature than their own kids.

Lynsey said...

yes, you handled it much better than I would have! What a witch. Like my MIL always says, it takes all kinds....