Monday, February 11, 2008

How Not to Plan a Valentine Party

Back in September when the school year was fresh, I attended a meeting with Jacob's teacher where she discussed all of the year's activities and doled out responsibilities. I, thinking February was sooo far away, chose Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day snuck up on me, man.

So, I've been planning the heart-filled fiesta for about a month now. I have attempted to get the other parents on board, but not much luck. I held a meeting hoping I'd get some help and only two mothers showed up. I emailed and posted a list for families to sign up for small items to bring the day of the party and so far I have one bag of chips and some napkins. The one lady who was going to bring three cans of frosting stopped me this morning at drop off to tell me she was having her home remodeled and didn't have any place to keep the three cans of frosting so, yeah, she won't be bringing any frosting. I guess they must be living in her yellow Hummer if it doesn't have enough space for three cans of frosting.

I just doled out eighteen bucks on the craft supplies and I'll be up Wednesday night baking cupcakes for Jacob's classmates AND their siblings. Apparently I'll have to bring the rest of the supplies as well.

This makes me mad and let me tell you why:

In early September I took Jacob and his best bud to the park one day after school. While we were there, the boys started talking about parties and stuff and Jacob and Best Bud told me that W was having a party that Saturday but he told Jacob and Best Bud that they weren't invited because his mom would only let him invite the kids from last year's class. Rude, but hey, it's their party. So, I meet up with Best Bud's mom later in the day and her kid shares that little tidbit with her and she let me know that the school kept all of the other kindergarten classes together but split up last year's half day class among all of them. Jacob and Best Bud and two little girls are the only "new" kids in that class. That makes absolutely no sense to me, but whatever.

So anyway, there was a lady in charge of the Christmas party and she did do a good job throwing things together, but every Mama in the class was at the meetings, donated cash and supplies, and crowded into the room for the party. That Mama was from last year's class. Guess who is bringing the chips and napkins? The half-day castoff Mamas.

Why in hell are these women like that? I thought once the kids meshed into this year's class things would be different, but it really isn't. Jacob and the half-day three are still excluded from birthday parties and when the parents come together for chapel or field trips last year's crew huddle together and talk amongst themselves rarely giving a nod to any of the rest of us no matter how hard we try. If this is normal, I'd hate to see what it's like at a non-Christian school.

I am so very tempted to just show up on Thursday and let the kids eat bare cupcakes and chips on their festive napkins and leave it at that. I should do that, but I can't do that to Jacob or his classmates. Sure their parents suck, but the kids can't help that.

So, the poor lady in the beat up, crowded car will foot the bill for the rich kids while their Mamas are off gossiping at the spa. I may live in a crappy house, in a crappy neighborhood and occasionally wear my pajamas to drop my kid off at a school, but as G*d is my witness, those kids will eat frosted cupcakes, dammit!


Lynanne said...

School parties are like that. Everyone is gung-ho to help at the beginning of the year but as the year wears on, they get distracted with other things. When I was in a similar situation, a friend of mine advised me to call people and say, "I'm very overwhemled and can't find anyone to help. Can I please count on you to bring XXXX? I can't tell you how much it would help me, Thank you!"

How about letting the kids frost their own cupcake as their craft activity? They will go home with frosting all over their nice uniforms and no one will ever ask you to do cupcakes again. ;) (I'm kidding, of course, I know that would be a nightmare for the teacher).

This all sounds frustrating, I'm so sorry :(

andria said...

Well, that's what we're doing, frosting the cupcakes and everyone, well the two other ladies there, wanted one of those glue together mail order crafts which I took care of, it just hasn't shown up at my door yet. The only problem is no one will bring the frosting or sprinkles and have you seen how much just ONE bottle of sprinkles costs?

I just got an email from the frosting lady wanting every one to meet with her next week regarding the big school fundraiser in May. UH, count me out of that one.

Anonymous said...

My school and town are the exact same way. It's frustrating trying so hard. Why can't people just be friendly. Sheesh!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Girl, do our boys go to the same school? I know how crappy this is. I was in charge of the Christmas party and got the total brush off and major attitude from the ones that did respond to me. HUGS to you. Be the bigger Mama:) And screw 'em on the fundraiser. I refuse to help on ours.

Lynsey said...

OMG that whole post peeves me beyond belief. I'd be pissed too.

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch said...

I thought we left junior high YEARS ago?! Ugh. This story makes my stomach hurt...mean other mommies! How can they be so thoughtless and rude??

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I've got like three tubs of frosting in my cabinet. Just swing by and pick them up! You can take some sprinkles with you while you're at it.

Mean mommies suck, BTW.

Shane said...

You go girl! Frost those cupcakes and show those other mean mommies that you don't need their help!! Make this the best V-day party ever.