Thursday, February 07, 2008

My Apologies Houston

Don't nominate me for Mother-of-the-Year anytime soon.

Just last week I was telling my friend, my friend with the sickly kids, just how healthy my kids are. You know that kinda talk always comes back to bite you in the ass.

Jacob came home from school on Monday and laid (lain, lay??) on the couch which is totally out of his ADD character. I checked him over for sore throats and chicken pox, both of which are going around his classroom, and just passed him off for getting a cold and left him at that. Then next morning he was bouncing off the walls yet his temperature was around 101 most of the day and he had no pain of any kind. Okay. Must have a virus, I told myself and let him veg in front of the television playing Game Boy most of the day. Since he still had a fever at 8:00 Tuesday evening, I made plans to keep him home another day because we all know the 24 hour fever rule. So on Wednesday he woke up at 98.3 degrees and claiming healthiness, so when they all started driving me crazy by noon, we all went out for a while. We ate out, we bought party supplies, we went pants shopping for my little Noahs, and rounded out the day at the library touching every book and toy in the place. Loads of sloppy, snotty fun we had. On the way home Jacob started screaming, no screeching, that his head hurt and maybe his ears and his throat might hurt a little and while I was lecturing him about how he'd already missed two days of school and the caterwauling wasn't going to earn him another day, I looked back and his eyes were all red and his face was all white and he was full-out weeping about how bad he hurt.


Once I got him home he collapsed on the couch while I took his temperature...102.3.

Of course.

It was 5:30 so I'd missed my chance to take him to the pediatrician. All I had was a bottle of Motrin, some tap water, and an old VHS Star Wars video to get me through the night.

Poor guy.

So off to the doctor we went this morning even though he had no fever and was back to his old, full of life self. Sure enough, he has strep throat. Figures.

I am that mother who takes her kid out sick to spread his germs among the masses. If you live in Houston, don't touch the library books. Or the Legos at Carters. Or any of the toys at Kohls. And just to be safe, avoid the McDonalds as well.

But Adam should be a-ok since he drank half a bottle of the child-resitant capped Motrin last night.

Oh yeah, I'm good at this mothering thing.


Jana said...

Don't beat yourself up - strep throat is a tricky one to "mommy diagnose." (As are earaches, I've found out - no Mommy of the Year Award for me, either). But I will avoid the library and McDonald's near us for safety's sake (although I think we live in different parts of Houston because the nearest Kohls is about 15 miles away from me). Hope your little guy feels better soon. :)

Tracey said...

Oh, poor Jacob! But seriously, if you'd kept him home, he'd have been fine and all that... They never get sick when you THINK they will. Only when you've exposed the world to their germs.

Melissa said...

Poor guy. My two year old has a double ear infection. As far as the "Mommy of the Year Award" I wasn't even nominated since my five year old (then 2 yr old) drank some laundry soap one day, ate a few Imodium tablets and finished that off with some Tums the following day. I called poison control so many times I thought they were going to have DHS pay me a visit.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh no! Hope your guy is feeling better and hope no one else gets it (at your house that is, Houston will survive). Sometimes we just don't know these things. We didn't go to med school, although I'm starting to think a few years of med school should be a pre req for mothering :)

Lynsey said...

eeewwww strep. That sneaks up on ya for sure. Brendan has yet to get sick. *knock on wood* Can't wait for those days. That reminded me to pick up some motrin for the trip though.

JaniceNW said...

Has your child been hangin' with my 19yo? 19yo has thrashing case of strep, was diagnosed Sunday and missed 3 days of work. He could NOT swallow and felt awful.

Strep is very tricky esp. if your child (like my 19yo) has had their tonsils out. Unless you can them to say AHHHH and let you use a flashlight trying to get a glimpse of the area to see if it covered in will never know until the test at the doctor's. BPB's throat was just VERY red.

You are a FINE mother, you're just out numbered. ;)

Becky said...

I had strep throat about once a month when I was a kiddo, and I'm okay now!

Don't beat yourself up too much (how were you supposed to know?), and tell your kidlets to feel better soon.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

No need to feel bad; he got strep from somebody that was out and about with it. It's just a way of life. People have germs. People share germs. I hope he's feeling better soon!