Thursday, April 12, 2007


I really don't have any relevant thoughts these days. But for what it's worth.....

Jacob finished up his evaluations yesterday. Now the husband and I go next Wednesday to rehash the results. I am nervous, yet not, because she scheduled it the DAY BEFORE I am going to have a baby. The fear of dying is trumping the fear of asbergers at this point.

We scrapped both baby names. They just weren't doing it for us. We were going to name Adam, Paul. I look back on that now and think, geez louise, is he in NO WAY a Paul. I need something great for this kid so I don't regret it later down the line, like I sometimes do Jacob since every single boy in the nation seems to be named that. The one name I really do like happens to be Adam's middle name. We loved both names so much and couldn't decide so we gave him both. That, in hindsight, was really dumb. The husband says we should just use it anyway, but I think that is a tad over the line and just plain weird. I am open to suggestions. Right now our plan is to wait until it's born and see what it looks like. Really. I didn't say it was a good plan.

Is anyone watching Desperate Housewives this season? I haven't seen any of them yet, they are all stored on my tivo, but the tivo is filling up and I need to make some room for all the things I will miss while birthing a baby and doing the newborn thing. I haven't heard much buzz about it this year so I am wondering if it is even worth it to keep them there. Should I just delete them and rent season two (or is it three?) one adventurous evening? Or should I just let it fall off my list of shows all together? I finally gave up on Lost and started watching again last night. I am six episodes behind. Can someone fill me in?

I am still dying for a banana snapple and apparently so are many other people because I get at least one hit a day from it.

When the doctor scheduled my section for the 19th, in my mind I kept thinking the 12th, like, the 12th was going to be the day. Doesn't look like that is going to happen, but I am really hoping it doesn't decide to come tomorrow....Friday the 13th. I would freak out.

I am addicted to soda again and this time I can't blame it on my mom because she gave it up and now drinks only water, ugh! I was sucked in at the grocery store picking up some diet coke for the husband that was almost five bucks a twelve pack BUT I could pay two bucks a twelve pack if I bought five of them. So of course, I bought five of them. That's sixty sodas. Now, I don't drink diet EVER, so the smart thing would have been to stock up on husband's soda, but no, only one twelve pack for him, I have a variety and have been scarfing on them ever since,then I wonder why the reflux is hitting me so badly every night. I never said I was smart. How have I lived this long without the black cherry vanilla cokes? Is there a quit patch for soda?

You gotta try this!

It didn't completely melt away my stress, I mean, it didn't make my whiny children and messy house disappear, but it was definitely a mood lifter.

And my top searches this week.......

weekend with the kids driving me crazy
Houston police calling and asking for money
she sits and smothers him
vidodin and staidol
her tatas move with each push (did I ever type tatas?)
and, of course, banana snapple


Tracey said...

A boy name that goes with Jacob and Adam? You do realize that you have a biblical thing going on, right? Ok. So. How about: Jonah, Noah, Michael (not Mike!), Patrick (my hubby!). And Mary, Anne/Anna (sound too much like Adam?), Margaret (I like Meg). They all seem like normal names that would flow with your boys, but not be the most popular of the year, you know? I know, they're not names you couldn't have thought of yourself, but there you go. Good luck. And hey, at least the meeting with Jacob's teachers would be a distraction that day.

Lynsey said...

As far as the naming baby goes, I'm as helpless as you are right now in that department! We're just going to go in there with a few names also, and whatever he seems look like most, we'll go with! As far as DH goes, I've been tuning in and to be quite honest, it's definitely lost its spark. If you must get rid of something on TIVO, I would choose that and just rent the episodes later on down the road.

Shane said...

Wow...just one more week! Best wishes and I can't wait to hear the name you choose.

Lori said...

Okay...I am ROLLING on the floor about the "tata" search hits!!!!! that THAT is over! Hmmm. I love the name Evan, although it's TERRIBLY popular right now (Landon went back and forth from his name and Evan for about 8 hours the day he was born). I also love the names Noah, Jared, Ethan, Brenna, Caitlyn, and Ella.

This list from the ssa was very helpful to us maybe it will help you guys out too:

I CAN'T wait to hear what you pick too!

Sadie said...

Noah's super popular too. I know b/c it was my #1 name for my fictional baby, then I started seeing it everywhere...

And you can watch all the episodes of LOST on for free if you have the inclination. It's finally getting good again.

Of course, if the baby comes today, you could name him Jason. Cause it's Friday the 13th. Hee. If it's a girl, you're on your own.

JNas said...

Boy names:Chase, Jackson, Aiden, Reese, Andrew.
Girl names:Ansley, Cambrey, kennedy, Morgan, Carson.

That's all I got!! Thanks for the b-day wish!!

Lynanne said...

We can't choose a name either...what is that all about? Talk about last miniute panic!

Here we are - Friday the 13th. No baby yet for either of us I hope?

Jenny said...

I say wait to pick a name and see what comes to you. Risky, but fun! My in-laws went to the hospital to have their son with the name all picked out (Zachary) but then the nurse kept saying "zachary" in this really annoying nasal voice and they decided they hated it! Then, as if by divine intervention, over the loudspeaker they heard, "Will Dr. Spencer please come to the..." and they said SPENCER! And that's what they named their son. I am envious of their story... so much more interesting than picking a name from a book. That could be you! Good luck... !