Monday, April 30, 2007

My Beautiful Children

Uh, yeah, it's even harder to get a good picture with three kids.

She definitely takes after her brothers.

I think my dream of beautiful, magazine-worthy portraits on the wall has died.


Lynanne said...

My favorite photos are the real life ones. These are perfect!!! Just getting 3 kids to look at the camera is in itself a challenge! Getting them all to smile at once? Forget it!

Lori said...

That first picture is hilarious!! I love it! :)

I love Elizabeth's little pursed lips in that picture of her cute!

JNas said...

Very cute!!

Lynsey said...

LOL- such cute pics!!! She looks so big already! :( Time sure does fly!

Amie said...

Adorable! :D So what are you going to do about your blog title? I'm still wondering about what i'm going to do.