Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Am I a horrible person because I find a little humor on Deal or No Deal when the contestant pushes it until all the big amounts are gone and he gets an offer of, like, $900? I've got to figure it cost him more than that to get there. I'm the one shouting DEAL all the time. I know if I were looking at $200,000 versus the close to zero I have on hand now, I would go for the that and be happy about it.

I have figured out unborn baby's deal. It's trying to stretch out. HELLO! You can't do that. There's no room. Curl back up into your ball and go to sleep. Mommy has had enough, thank you.

Two more weeks. So far to prepare I have pulled the bre*st pump out of the closet (still haven't washed the parts yet), bought a size one pacifier, and had the husband move the crib mattress up (but it still has dirty sheets on it). I am on a roll, no? I am assuming I am nowhere near labor as there is not one iota of nesting instinct in my bones at this point. Now, I am a complete neat freak. A messy home just makes me physically sick and I am usually on top of things but now, well, I cannot do laundry as my belly is too big to get to the wet clothes. I cannot fold the laundry that does get done until my husband gets home to plop it onto the bed for me as I cannot bend down to dig the things from the basket and usually by then I am in no mood for folding. Dusting, too much reaching and sneezing. Vacuuming, too heavy. Mopping, forget about it, just the thought of busting my nine month pregnant ass on that wet floor causes me to sweat. I HATE a filthy house!

Jacob's school held an auction this weekend, fundraiser type thing ya know. I was under the impression that we were pretty much required to be there, you know those nudge, nudge kind of things, better donate our share as if the tuition wasn't enough of a kick in the checkbook each month. Of the sixteen families in Jacob's class only four of us showed up, the four poorest of us I might add, at least based on my impressions regarding cars, clothing, and bling-bling. I am hoping they just wrote a nice check and went out for a nice expensive dinner instead as we are now $75 more dollars in the hole "doing our part". It was tons of fun, though, I got ten hours of day care for five bucks....FIVE BUCKS! Oh, and two nights of pet sitting for twenty five! We might actually be able to go somewhere one weekend! Look out world, here we come! Anyway, it was might interesting to witness the live auction, where we actually thought we might have a chance bidding on the chance to name a new street in town or a week at a Galveston beach house. My goodness....the hummer drivers took all those good things. A pair of Texans tickets for ONE game went for 3,000 bucks and two families had a friendly bidding war over a sitting at a photographer and a few pictures and they were up to 3,000 on that when we left. Would somebody like to bid on our mortgage payment? I worry when I buy steaks.

We are meeting with Jacob's teacher in half an hour. He has had a bad two weeks at school. Anger issues and laziness which isn't the norm for him. We are at our wit's end, he's kind of driving us nuts. Now, common sense tells us that he is anxious about the upcoming change in our family, but all I get from him on that front is that he is really excited to meet the new baby and help out and for it to get big enough to play with him. I am hoping this is short lived because I really would like to nip this in the bud before I am preoccupied with number three so many hours a day.

Please people, do not vote for Sanjaya tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, our school does the silent auction also! I need to be more prepared next year, I didn't realize how cheap some things were to be had there. And you are right, the weirdest stuff goes for a ton of money. This year it was a lazyboy type recliner that I kid you not, was upholstered in a hunting camouflage fabric. It went for $450!! You couldn't have paid me to buy that thing, but thats Alabama for ya! ;)

Sadie said...

I got the school auction shaft once buying a set of wicker furniture that I then saw at the Bi-Lo supermarket.

And I assure you, my finger will not dial for Sanjaya. It's not me! I swear!

JNas said...

I have those same problems with cleaning..but I have no excuses!!

I will not be watching AI tonight...I'm going out with my girlfriends on the town b/c it's Masters week here!! and my Hubby is staying home to watch the kids!!

OneHungMan said...

Is Sanjaya that he-she looking thing?