Monday, July 23, 2007

Adam's Half-Birthday

Adam is two and a half today.

I can't believe my baby will be three in six months. Three is so much older than two. What will I do?

Adam is such a sweet little boy. I am not surprised by this as he was a sweet little baby, easy-going and friendly and totally agreeable. He's just like that today, although he's more opinionated than agreeable sometimes, but it's good to stick up for yourself, right? He and Jacob can fight like cats and dogs, but he always goes over afterwards to give a big hug and a pat on the back. He never holds a grudge.

He LOVES his baby sister. He wasn't sure what to think at first and all that mommy sharing wasn't fun, but his tender heart couldn't hold a grudge against her either and he immediately formed a bond with her. I am constantly amazed at how gentle and helpful he is with Elizabeth. He fetches diapers and wipes and loves to deposit the dirty ones into the Diaper Genie. He helps bathe her and will dab at her drooly or spit up mouth when needed. He comes to her comfort whenever she cries and has even offered to pump milk for her, which, in hindsight, maybe pumping while he was in the room wasn't a great idea, but he sure was cute about it. If anyone was meant to be a big brother, it was him.

Speech started for Adam last week. Although I am still ambivalent about it, he seems to be enjoying it. He does have a few new words: Blue, Diego (do-go), Lola, Bubba, boo-boo, juice, sister, Ellie, coke, a myriad of animal sounds, and most importantly, no. He loves to use the word no, even if he doesn't mean no sometimes. It's hard not to crack up when he says no while crossing his arms at me. He's just so cute even tantrums are low-key where he's involved.

He is growing, slowly, but he's growing. While at the hospital for Vitamin Caper 2007, he was weighed at 25 pounds and 40 inches.....roughly the size of your average 18 month old because that's what size clothes he's wearing these days, at least his shirts are that size. He's still wearing 9 month pants/shorts because he's just that skinny. He can also still wear size 2 diapers, although I keep him in size 3 these days just because it would be awfully strange when his sister catches up with him.

His favorite things are still Matchbox cars. He can never have enough. He likes to line them up, sort them by color, crash them and race them and build block garages for them. Maybe he'll be an architect....or a mechanic. He just started watching television, thanks to Mommy's need for quick chair naps in the afternoon. He loves Wonder Pets, Blue's Clues, and Go, Diego, Go. He loves to read Charlie and Lola books and Curious George. He loves to go the Sunday school, the library and Chuck E. Cheese and, if we would let him, he would jump right off the diving board into the swimming pool, but he's happy just splashing around in the water too. He's definitely my little daredevil.

I am sure I could write volumes about Adam and his kind, loving spirit, but instead, I will snuggle in the chair and watch some Noggin with him and then get started on his favorite - cupcakes. Thirty months of Adam.....what a gift.


Lori said...

What a sweet, sweet, boy!!! He and Landon sound sooooo similar. Landon is 23 months old, and still only 23 pounds, and that's on a *good* day. He has the same sweet, loving, spirit.

You guys enjoy those cupcakes and snuggles!! They just grow up way too fast for me!

JaniceNW said...

So lovely to see how much you enjoy your son. They grow so fast.

Miss Hope said...

I have a three year old who I really think is standard size for a kid his age. He's around 38 lbs and has ginormous feet.

Yet he can still wear some size 12 month shorts.

I think he's gonna be shaped like Mighty Mouse. Remember him? Big shoulders and teeny tiny waist?

How on earth are we gonna dress these tiny waisted, narrow hipped boys years from now???

Oh, and wait for Adam to potty train. He'll go to underwear, lose a few inches of butt and start sharing pants with Elizabeth then.