Monday, July 09, 2007

Have you missed me?

We're at the lake for the week in dial-up country. The grandparents brought Jacob back here and we have enjoyed his company for the most part. He's still Jacob after all, loves a good argument. He has spent the past six hours trying to convince me to drive a half hour to buy him a Game Boy cartridge. I had forgotten, as I always do, how the dust or a shut up home and the pine outside aggravates my allergies, so I have been on benedryl since we got here. Elizabeth is sleeping well as a result. We'll be back next week and I'll check in then since I forgot my computer cords and my battery is going dead. Have a good week ya'll!

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Miss Hope said...

I tried that dial up thing at my Mom's house last week. When it took TEN minutes for a page to load? I was done and ready to come home.