Monday, July 16, 2007

We're Back!

I'm bbbaacckk!

Got a load of unpacking to do, an empty refrigerator, and two unruly boys tearing the place apart, but we're home.

This is my first day with three kids all alone. I have to figure out a way to take them to the grocery store without losing my mind. I need to go to the post office too. I made my first goal of having them all dressed before noon. I haven't yelled at Jacob this morning, although he is driving me crazy reading my blogs over my shoulder. I have yet to panic about the fact that Elizabeth has caught the nasty cold my dad brought down and could possible have a fever. I haven't hidden Mrs. Salt and Mr. Pepper yet. I might be able to swing this after all. Of course, I am sure I would be a much better mama if I were making breakfast rather than blogging.

Three kids are harder to travel with than two. Cramming them into that back seat wasn't too bad, it was the packing. I did okay last week packing for two kids, but packing for three to come home was chaos. It took me most of yesterday to round up everything and we still left tons of things....important things like my pillow, Jacob's medicine, the nightlight, the breast pump pieces, and Jacob's beloved Webkinz pets. I used to be super organized, what happened to me?

Elizabeth was wonderful last week. It was almost like having baby Adam back she was so jolly and sweet. There were days that the only time she cried was when she was getting her medicine. The horrible, wretched medicine. The husband usually gives it to her so since he went back home last week it was up to me to administer the goo. It comes in powder form in a small packet that says mix with two tablespoons of water which becomes a pasty, stinky, pink mess that we give to her with either a medicine dropper of a spoon. Every evening I was thinking, my golly this is taking forever and geez she seems to really hate it a lot more now, but I continued shoving that crap down her throat every day while she wailed and screamed and my mom would wonder why we were giving her so much. Turns out I was mixing the half packet she was prescribed with the water for the full packet. DUH! I have a college degree. You'd never know it.

I am hoping I can kick my brain into gear to get back into our routine today. I have to deprogram Jacob after spending weeks with the grandparents. They are good to him, but just a little too good. It's back to chores and discipline for him, poor kid. I am also eager to see if Elizabeth's good humor will spread beyond the lake. Could the colic be behind us? Dare I hope? Wish me luck.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Welcome back! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the colic stays away :)

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

The colic is gone, I just know it is!

Glad she was a good baby last week! You deserved a break.

Lynanne said...

Welcome back! I have a tough enough time just taking 2 kids to the grocery store (my younger 2 - the other 2 are old enough to behave most of the time). I avoid it at all costs :)

I looked back through my archives and my daughter (aka Queen of Colic) started taming down about the same age as your daughter is now. By 3 months it was pretty much gone. She has a wonderful personality now. A bit of a dramatic flair but its more cute than anything else. She's all girl. I thought as the terrible twos approached she would be worse given how cranky she was in those early weeks. So far so good (knock on wood)!

JNas said...

Avoid the grocery store at all costs!! You will end up with extra stuff that you didn't even know was in your cart!!
Welcome home!!!

Michelle said...

welcome home! Isn't it amazing all the stuff you have to bring when you go on a trip and have kids? and we only have 1! LOL Thanks for the congrats! we're so excited!