Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Red Stick

Call us fools, but we took a baby and a six year old to Baton Rouge this weekend (Adam spent quality time with the grandparents). I guess you would call that our "vacation" if by vacation you mean attempting to spend time with friends and family while corraling children and jiggling a baby. As expected, it was complete chaos.

The trip was initially planned in May and was just going to be Jacob, Elizabeth, and I going to spend time with my best friend Erin and her oldest son who happens to be Jacob's bestest friend in the whole wide world. Erin recently moved into an apartment, sans husband, so I was quite looking forward to some beer by the poolside minus the adult male factor. A few weeks later, husband decides to tag along so he can see best friend who also lives in Baton Rouge. Ok, not part of the plan, but I can dig it because if he drives, I can drink more, works for me. A few weeks later, my sister catches wind that we are going to be in Baton Rouge and decides she wants to meet us there so that she can finally meet Elizabeth, never mind that she hasn't called or emailed me since that baby was born and she's holding a grudge about same baby's name (another long story) , but I don't want to be rude and say, come on down anyway because she promised she wouldn't bring her husband. The husband I hate. The husband who hates me and my kids. Guess who climbed out of that car when we got there. Yeah. Where my sister agreed to "hang out" for the weekend, her husband would not because that was their vacation dammit so my husband was recruited to ferry him all over the sights of Baton Rouge, you know big vacation metropolis, so I did what I always do, break up fights and soothe the baby, but at least I had a friend hanging out with me while I did that.

And Jacob finally decided he liked swimming and even jumped off the diving board. Finally.

I guess it was all worth it for Jacob to spend so much time with his best bud.

Of course, Abigail is always a hoot. She's starting preschool in August. She'll teach those teachers a thing or two.

Of course, nothing beats a tasty, delicious baby, especially a tasty, delicious, happy baby.

When do we go back?

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Tracey said...

Hmmm. So, not what you planned, but still somewhat enjoyable, right? And that baby is SO munchable!