Thursday, July 12, 2007


What day is it?

I love the lake, all the trees and quiet and lack of loud neighbors is so wonderful, but I am ready to go home. All this family togetherness is getting to me. The dog chose this week to get sick and the children all have snotty noses and it's too hot to just send them outside for the day. My dad hates Food Network and lets me know it every time I try to sneak a peek of Alton Brown or Paula Deen. I had big dreams of finally finishing that baby blanket I started last August, you know, pictures of an actual vacation in my mind, what a fool! I want to get home to get some rest.

I swear Jacob grew two inches while he was away, but his behavior hasn't improved that much. Adam was so happy to see him and they played so well together that first night, but now it's just one fight after another over the stupidest things. Adam has added a new word to his list: NO. We were so excited to hear him say it the first few times, but now, well now, it's not so cute. Especially that no with his arms crossed and spitting razberries at us. Elizabeth has actually done pretty well. Maybe the colic is ending now that she is approaching three months (three months? how?) or maybe it's just because she hasn't been put down since the grandparents arrived. Either way, I am happy to see more happy from her.

Yeah, I am ready to head home. I never thought I would say that about this place, but it's just way hard with three kids, two animals, and one crotchedy bored retired man wandering around. I need my AC, my computer, and my Bobby Flay to make it through the day. See you soon.

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