Saturday, January 20, 2007

Filling Space

Well, I don't know what is the deal with my blog. Sometimes my sidebar is where it needs to be, other times I log on and find it down at the bottom into obscurity. I knew I never should have screwed around with the template. If you find it at the bottom of your screen and find it bothersome, let me know and I will work with it, otherwise I am leaving it as is.

I stole this ABC meme from Sadie, something to fill the blog with until I have all the fun pictures from Adam's party this afternoon. How in the world did my baby become two (well, on Tuesday)? Poor little dude, everyone we invited is cancelling so it looks like it will be just us, but Jacob is such a good brother I know he'll make it fun for him. So while my food cooks and my kids play and my husband retrieves the cake (I gave up on my dump truck dream). Here are some fun facts about me........

A. Available or Single? Nope

B. Best friend? I have had many, but Erin and I have been best friends the longest...since seventh grade in 1982.

C. Cake or pie? cake, but only white cake, I don't like chocolate cake much. I do like pecan pie though.

D. Drink of choice? Well, if I could find it anywhere it would be banana snapple but I have had to settle for decaf sweet tea with lime lately.

E. Essential item? Aveeno creamy body oil and the heating pad

F. Favorite color? green and yellow

G. Gummi bears or worms? Neither, but I do love the gummi coke bottles.

H. Hometown? It's so small I would be afraid of the people who might google me with it, but it's in WV

I. Indulgence? Some hair conditioner from Origins. It cost 25 freaking bucks and I am the queen of cheap, but it is soooo awesome and smells great and thank goodness the family keeps me stocked in gift cards.

J. January or February? Well, Adam's birthday is in January, but my mom's and the dog's is in February so they're both good.

K. Kids and names? Jacob and Adam

L. Life incomplete without? 3,000 square foot, five bedroom, 3 car garage home with huge yard. Apparently not, because I don't have that and haven't died without it.....seriously, my family, all of them.

M. Marriage date? June 19, 1999

N. Number of Siblings? just one, a sister, love her dearly but we are polar opposites and it's probably a good thing we live far apart.

O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges.....blood oranges more specifically, but the kids and I probably eat eight of whatever kinds are available (aka cheap) every day.

P. Phobias/fears? death...... my own, my kids, my family. C-section day will not be good for me because they make me sign that paper letting me know that I have a three percent chance of death during it.

Q. Favorite Quotation? Leave my Elevator Alone! Points to whoever knows where that came from.

R. Reason to smile? My house is clean and decorated in a pleasing array of Tonka vehicles.

S. Season? Fall up north.....there aren't really any seasons in Texas.

T. Tag three people: I don't tag....I hurt Hung's feelings once when I didn't tag him so I have learned my lesson. If you are reading this you can be tagged.

U. Unknown fact about me: I drank beer with Brent Musberger and some CBS sports dudes and camera men in a bar in the early nineties, or maybe late eighties, when they came to WVU for a big football game. Can't remember which game, but it was one of those years the Mountaineers had a good season. My friends and I all went to the same seedy bar because no one else went there. It really was a dive. Apparently these guys thought they would beat the crowds as well and we all hung out with them late one night. It was kinda cool.

V. Vegetable you hate. Broccoli

W. Worst habit? I kid has heard the f word and thinks shit is just common vocabulary, although weirdly he never uses it. I can't stop it, I have tried.

X. X-rays I’ve had: The basics, ankles, arms, wrists, feet and all the cool ultrasounds I have had the past six years.

Y. Your favorite food? Garlic Noodles from PF Changs and Hooters Hot Wings and I am seriously craving a pepperoni pizza from this local joint down the street, but only their pizza, other pizza doesn't appeal to me.

Z. Zodiac? Virgo


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Very interesting facts:) I hope your baby had a wonderful Tonka birthday!! Happy Birthday Little Guy!!

Shana said...

We have the same wedding anniversary! I've been married since 1995, though -- which doesn't seem right, because no way I'm old enough to have been married 12 years. said...

Aw, poor baby. Everyone cancelling. It happens, though. ESpecially in January, in Illinois. Hope he has/had fun anyway!