Sunday, December 17, 2006

Can They Really Do That?

Have you heard that NYC will be banning trans fats in all their restaurants?

I guess you could say that it might make for a healthier city and eventually, I am sure, country, but, really, why should the government say what I can and cannot eat? If I choose to drive thru the Mickey Ds, I should be able to enjoy it.

I find it interesting, though, that everyone is going on and on about how unhealthy it is to eat in America, yet smoking is still okay. Why do I have to breathe the smoke of others just to get into a store or walk through the park? I am not hurting others by eating a donut, yet strangers could possibly be causing my unborn child health problems because I am subjected to inhaling their smoke if I choose to go outside. In my opinion, no one is forcing anyone to eat out at restaurants or binge on fatty foods, that's a choice. Anyone who says they didn't know the fast food joints were unhealthy are lying or have been living in a fall out shelter ala Adam Weber all their life. Even my five year old knows that chicken nuggets aren't good for him and that fruit is a better choice. It is not a choice, however, to breathe smoke from other's cigarettes and cigars in public places. If we can ban food, let's make smoking a private affair, something to be done at home or in your car or far, far away from building entrances. If the government will do that, then I will jump on the trans fat ban wagon.


Michelle said...

smoking is one of my pet peeves too. I was so happy when restaurants started being smoke-free!

Lori said...

You have a great point! I'm right there with you on the smoking..BLECH!!

I guess the lobbyists for transfats haven't donated as much money to their congressmen as the tobacco companies have...(ha, ha!)