Monday, December 18, 2006

What's in a Name?

Now that I am 21 weeks and feeling the baby move every second of the day, I figured I needed to get started on finding a name for this little one. I threw out my old baby name books (along with all the pregnancy and first year books, I was sure confident we wouldn't be here again) so I checked one out at the library. I am currently working on boy names because they have stumped us in the past and I always have the two girl names I chose previously to fall back on if I don't get to girl choosing by April.

I made it through E last night. I like to look at the meanings of each name and some of them really were......well, interesting.

For example:

Aghy means the friend of the horse

Balbo means one who mutters

Balasi means one who is flat footed

Barr means lawyer (that makes sense)

Biagio means one who stutters

Caddis means resembling a worsted fabric

Cameo means a small, perfect child, which, of course, I will have, but Cameo, next

Denali means from the national park

Derick means the ruler of the tribe, but I won't let him know this

Eustace means having an abundance of grapes

The only name I found in A - E that I remotely liked was Caleb, yet Caleb means dog and also the head vampire on Port Charles was Caleb and since the show has been cancelled for three years and I still remember that, I most likely will remember that as I am yelling down the street for my kid ten years from now. Soooooo.......back to the book.


Tracey said...

Ugh. Naming babies. Hard work. Especially for #3.

I do like Caleb. Doesn't it mean something else, like "gift of God?" My last name starts with a B so it was out for us.

What are your girl names?

OneHungMan said...

Naming babies is practically impossible if both mom and dad are interested in the name picking. The Hungs never agreed on names until a little boy came out of the womb (OHM was hoping for a girl). If one parent isn't interested or has no stones (a friend of mine is his wife's bitch so they ended up with a Charlotte and an Adelaide because of his refusal to grow balls).

OneHung has always been partial to Samuel for a boy and Sydney for a girl, although he could go for Samantha (or Sam) for a little girl also.

andria said...


When you get as old as I am, all the "good" names are taken by friends and family. Samuel is one of my favorites as well, but Derick's friends son is named Samuel and we are debating how close we are to said family and whether are not it would be weird to use it.

I have a lot of names in the taken category.

Charlotte is ok but Adelaide....your friend should have stepped up and said something. Poor kid.

Dana said...

Wish I could help you out. I have TONS of lovely girl names that I've never been able to use but it sounds like you've got that covered. After 5 boys, I have NO good boy names left in me. Jared and I have been fairly lucky in that we've usually been able to come to some agreement or compromise on names. Good luck, it's a tough job!

Michelle said...

there are a lot of quirky names out there! Naming a baby is definitely not the easiest thing to do! We didn't know the gender so we had names picked out for both. Actually we were set on a girl's name, but I wasn't totally set on the boy name we picked out. The morning I was in labor I was sitting in the rocking chair flipping through the boys' section in the baby name book hoping something would jump out at me! Thank goodness we had a girl!

Sadie said...

I like Caleb, too. Didn't know it meant dog, that's unforunate.