Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits

Well, only two more days until the daddy comes home. I am thinking he better come bearing expensive gifts because this was more than I bargained for. He likes to call each evening to let us know he's doing allright and what great amounts of sleep he is getting and that, hey, tonight we are going out for steak and maybe sushi tomorrow. Yeah, better be a nice a gift for me....like a night in a nice hotel alone with all the PF Changs I can eat. I really don't want to hear about the great food and atmosphere while I have just opened my fourth can of tomato soup amidst screaming wails and loud toys. I am secretly glad, though, when he calls and is wheezing because he isn't used to the air "up there"......lol.

I took the kids up to the lake for the weekend. It was awesome cold up there, I couldn't even force the kids outside or even the dog, so we stayed curled up by the fireplace and ate junk and watched all the Christmas shows on ABC Family. I am wondering how many times my kid can watch Polar Express before getting sick of it, because I am on the verge.

There were some tense moments last week when we Mountaineers were thinking we might lose our Rich Rod......Alabama offered him a decent deal that, frankly, I am shocked he turned them down, but whew, he says he's staying put so we can all breathe a little easier. Yeah, I couldn't turn my back on my team for too long. I own too much gold and blue, it would be hard to replace all that.

I came home to find a hugongous package on our doorstep. Yet again, my mother in law sent an awfully expensive tray of cheese and meats for the holidays. Every year, same thing. She keeps Figis in business. Now, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but we spend the rest of the year paying her bills, she is on disability and essentially broke, but come Christmas she is full of the spirit and insists that we have these little tidbits. I try really hard not to get a twitch about it, but when her bills start rolling in this February it's hard to be happy about more nitrate laden goodies. At least with Derick gone the next few days, the kids and I can eat the candies, nuts, and cakes before he even knows we got them. LOL.....one year she attached a card that said that the nuts were specifically for Derick. OH, and Derick got his yearly Christmas card from his dad.....addressed only to him. In his dad's world, the kids and I do not exist and for whatever reason, my husband is okay with that. I was put out about it at first, but now it's just kind of funny sad. Did I mention before that my inlaws hate me?

I think I am going out this afternoon to purchase another scanner. My husband will hit the roof, but I have been begging asking him to fix this one for some time and it hasn't happened yet and I cannot let Christmas pass without emailing everyone I know the picture of my kids with Santa....or my cool ultrasound photos. Of course, I would have no earthly idea how to hook it up, but those things come with directions right?


Sadie said...

Immediately. Go buy a new scanner IMMEDIATELY. Heck, if you can afford him to take his buddy skiing for a week and eat great food, why should you think you can't afford a new scanner?

In-laws are strange critters.

I think about you everytime I see the Mountaineers in the news... glad your guy is staying put.

Your weekend sounds fun. I love Polar Express but then I've only seen it once so far this season...

Dana said...

Too bad you don't live closer. I have a scanner that we don't ever use! Too bad also about the whole in law thing. Life is too short to be nasty to people....especially family. If their son chose you, they should realize, you MUST be good people!

Lori said...

I second that! Go out immediately and get thyself that scanner!

Sounds like our boys are on the same wavelenght regarding Polar Express...I'm pretty sick of it myself!

((hugs)) on the in law thing. They are a strange bunch. Luckily, mine spend all of their energy hating each other, so I think too much of it is wasted to spend on me. They are so hard to be around.

Here's hoping you get something shiny and sparkly, or at LEAST a dinner at PF Chang's soon. I love that place too!

Lynsey said...

Oh Andria, you never fail to give me a good giggle while sitting at work. I can't believe your in-laws hate you? I go through that with my stepmom, she totally despises us kids. Not that I care, the feeling is quite mutual.

So go buy that scanner and show us some ultrasound pics!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

GO BUY THE SCANNER! Bet it costs less than a steak dinner. And as far as the in-laws go, Scr!w them. My in-laws are completely insane so I have little patience for in-law crap.

Tracey said...

Oh, and buy the most expensive scanner you can find. Just pounce on him the second he says "How Much?!?"

I hate that Figi's leaves the food on your doorstep. Ew. We came home to a box the other day from my dad. Luckily, it was really cold out and I knew it hadn't been there more than 2 hours, but my front step gets full-on sun in the afternoon and, even in winter, gets quite warm.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to listen to him go on and on about his great time while I'm at home with the kids either! Don't blame you there! Hope you had fun shopping for the scanner :) Sorry to hear about the relationship w/your inlaws; that's really too bad they are that way. I really like the fudgie bears from Figis though :)