Monday, June 18, 2007

Return of the Sling

It's over. She wins.

Elizabeth hasn't slept in her crib in three nights. I haven't even tried to go there with her.

She is co-sleeping with me and we are getting some sleep. Not a full night of sleep, but more sleep than we've seen in many weeks and I haven't had to hang out in the recliner either. So long, Bobby Flay, it was fun while it lasted.

I actually feel good about this. I think I am a total attachment parenter at heart so I feel some relief heading back to my roots.

I wanted a crib baby mainly so I could nap her there in the afternoons and hang out with my non-nappers during that time. I also have an Angelcare monitor hooked up to the crib that is supposed to detect breathing lapses and, therefore, eliminating the need to lay my hand on her chest or stick my finger under her nose every half hour like I did with the boys. Am I the only mother who does that?

The ticking of that monitor was a huge comfort to me. You see, I live in complete fear of something happening to my babies. I know six families, personally, whose infants died from SIDS and wonder what is the connection, what happened to them and what's to say it won't happen to my baby as well. I know the odds are slim, but still. When Jacob was a baby, I actually convinced myself, in my PPD haze, that I could stay awake all night long and watch him breathe for an entire year, oh yes I did, until my body pretty much collapsed on me and I would fall asleep at the kitchen table or in the car......and I wonder why Jacob has so many issues. I have relaxed somewhat since then, I know I have done all I can to prevent this from happening to my daughter and aside from this post and my incessant need to hear that tick, I don't think about it much.

Anyway, we have turned a corner here in the Boy Crazy household. Thanks to Dr. Karp, the miracle blankets Beth so kindly sent me, the sling Lori generously gave me, and quite possibly the prevacid, the colic is slowly ending (knock on wood). Thank you all for the good advice and thanks Beth and Lori for going out of your way to help me out.

Happy baby makes a happy Mama!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

No, you are not alone on the breathing thing. I worked with a lady who's first son died of SIDS and I was terrified. Both kids slept in our room in a cradle until they were way too big for that thing. I think Marky was almost 3 months before I moved him to the crib and then I freaked out and checked him every 5 minutes. Both my kids (age 5 and almost 3) still have moniters so I can hear them. Can you say total obsessive?
I sure hope the colic is starting to stop. Anything that works is a God send. With Marky the only thing that would help was the baby swing and Baby Mozart. I had 2 of each and had one on each level. I also blew up a vacuum because the noise helped keep him quiet. Nothing worked with Jason.

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I, too, have the Angelcare monitor. It justs helps me sleep better.

Glad the prevacid seems to help. I think that I'm going to request some for Shel, she's really not doing any better.

Lori said...

You are definitely NOT the only Momma who worries like that! Isn't that part of our job description?? ;) I *still* go and check on the boys at times!

I'm glad things are going better, and I'm SO glad the sling is working for you guys. It was a lifesaver for us as well!

mom-in-training said...

Nothing wrong with the co-sleeping. I tried to put Alex in his own bed for the longest time and suffered many sleepless nights of constant holding and feeding of one unhappy baby. I was exhausted and miserable. Then I gave in completely to co-sleeping with both Nathan and Amy and it was SOOOO much better. I was a much happier Mommy after that. And Nathan took naps in his crib when he got older, even when he was still sleeping nights with us, so there's hope for Elizabeth. Of course, Amy, still doesn't nap and is in our bed at night. We'll be working her into her own bed *very* soon as the combination of her long body and constant squirming are making sleep difficult for everyone.

I'm glad things are going better now. Just remember that she won't be in your bed forever. And as long as she is, at least you can get some sleep. Besides, even though there are times I wish they'd just sleep in their own bed so that I could have a little time for myself, I treasure those sweet, cuddly moments that only co-sleepers get to experience. Enjoy it while you can!

Shane said...

I've never heard of the Angelcare Monitor. I bet I'd have one too if I had a baby now! I always did the hand on the chest thing too.