Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Today is a better day. I can't believe we made it through yesterday. I didn't even get a shower or a meal yesterday. It was rough. Elizabeth has had her moments today, but she's actually been pretty happy much of it so I am enjoying her as much as I can until the next demon possession.

I can't believe that is the same girl I paced the floor with 24 hours ago. I already dread the teenage years.

Adam had his speech evaluation this morning. Three speech pathologists squeezed into our tiny living room and observed him and played with him and did some cognitive testing on him. His language development score was 19 months compared to his cognitive and social development which was over four years old. So, yeah, he'll be getting some speech therapy once a week until he turns three. They don't think he has any actual articulation problems just a lack of motivation to speak and the women let me know that my husband and I talk way too fast and we need to slow our speech down to the required Texas southern drawl for Adam to understand what we are saying. I think that's a load of crap as he can follow a three step direction given once, but what the hell, if they want slow speech, I'll give them slow speech. I tried it with Adam earlier and he looked at me like I was nuts. They also very slowly walked me through the IEP process and every time I would politely inform them that, uh yeah, I know the deal. I have a masters degree in this stuff after all, I could write a heck of a better IEP than they could, but since they are getting paid for it, I let them proceed. I hate having that IEP though. I hate that he needs one. Never did I ever think I would be on the other end of that process.

The Secret is working for me! I have been positively thinking about more money coming to us and just the other day an old man gave Adam a dollar at the Chinese buffet just because he was cute. It's a start.

You must get Brad Paisley's newest CD. It makes me almost forget he named his kid Huckleberry.

I think we have decided to go ahead and move Jacob on to first grade in August. I still have fears and and some uncertainty about it, but I do think it will probably be the best thing for him at this particular time. I met with his Sunday School teacher this week, the same lady who was his most awesome preschool teacher who has known him since he was three and whose opinion I value. She didn't feel he was as immature as his kindergarten teacher does and thought that the challenge of first grade would be beneficial to him and possibly help his social skills even more. If it turns into a big fiasco, the husband and I have agreed to pull him out and homeschool him for the remainder of the year and retain next year, but it will have to be a great big fiasco to take that step. At least we have a plan. Thank you all for thoughts and advice. I really did take them all into consideration.

Here is Elizabeth in the miracle blanket Beth mailed to her. We have been swaddling her since day one, but this one is wonderful because she can't kick out of it. She really does like it, I swear. Yes, I have food in my teeth. Aren't husband's required by vows to inform you of such things?

I don't think Adam could get any cuter......no wonder people are showering him with money.


Dana said...

Elizabeth does indeed look fat and happy! She sure is a cutie and that ADAM! OH MY! What a doll! That blanket looks cool. None of my boys could ever stand to be swaddled. Not even on day 1! They had a fit if I tried.....

OneHungMan said...

The Hungs hated the people that first came to evaluate YoungHung. He's doing really well with his speach now, and we think it's because we now have a really good therapist...hopefully, Adam will get the same.

Miss Hope said...

She looks as happy as a pea in a pod.

I know. That was cheesy. Maybe I need to drink more coffee before I post in the mornings.

Adam has the most adorable smile I've ever seen!

sherrypg said...

After the wait staff sang happy birthday to my 7 year old, some lady came over and gave him $20 for his birthday.

Why don't people ever give old, wrinkly women cash for no reason?

kristi said...

I have gone thru the IEP thing 3 times now. It is very tough! CUTE PHOTO.