Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Oh, will the crying ever end? Elizabeth is a screaming machine. I have never seen anything like it. I even took her to the doctor one day last week, of course she shut the f*ck up over there. Different doc put her on a daily dose of prevacid which is a bitch to get down and, so far, I'm not seeing that it helps much. Dear Lord, even Jacob gave it a rest now and then. Different doc says to me, "Does she cry at least three hours a day?" Lady, she cries 12 hours a day AT LEAST...."Well, I guess it could be colic then." YA THINK?

The colic is getting better though, in the sense that, well, she's not crying 18 hours a day anymore and just when I want to drive her back to the hospital and declare her defective she'll stop and smile at me and give a little coo and my heart will melt and I will then pronounce her the best baby ever until the next time.

Some of the things my husband does gets on my nerves. I am thinking about making it a weekly entry. I love him, but geez louise where does he come up with some of this stuff. Here's this week's pet peeve: When the husband finishes a drink from a glass, he insists that it sit on the counter instead of going into the dishwasher because he is going to use it again later that day. When I wake up the next morning there are at least five glasses scattered over various places on the counter and/or table. He NEVER reuses the glass. I can't sneak the damn glasses into the dishwasher, though, hell no, we have come to near blows over that. I will never understand this. I have bought paper cups for him and he does the same damn thing. My brother in law does this too. Is it some sort of man thing?

Have you heard of The Secret? I got this book at the library and thought, what the heck? It seems to be a lot of positive thinking and visualization mumbo jumbo but what's wrong with being a little happier and thinking of millions of dollars rather than the stack of bills in front of you, no? I'll let you know if it works....so far my visualizations of a non-colicky baby have not come to fruition. I guess Elizabeth doesn't know the secret.

I bought Seinfeld seasons seven and eight for Derick's Father's Day gift. He didn't necessarily want that and I only picked it up so I would have something good to watch during my nightly feeding/shushing/pacing routine. Is this wrong?

She's so sweet she makes my teeth hurt. The colic ends soon right?


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'M SO SORRY!! I had a colic baby and a reflux baby. Both of my kids were like this (I think the youngest still is), and so I laugh hysterically when people wonder why I'm not having a third. This period of baby life SUCK*S. There were days I thought I would lose my mind. BUT, it does end. Honestly it does. And I still have a small amount of my mind left.
She's totally gorgeous! If I lived closer I'd come over and spot you just to spend some time with a sweet baby girl (boys are nice, but she's a doll) :)

kelly jeanie said...

Oh, I'm sure it won't be long before someone comes out with the Happiest No-Cry Baby Whisperer Secret book and Elizabeth can read that.

I can't figure out who she looks like more in that picture. She's so cute!

Tracey said...

Just think of all of the stories you'll have to tell her when she has her OWN children. "Oh, that's nothing Elizabeth, you should have seen YOU crying. Much worse than your baby. MUCH worse."

Silver lining? Eh. Maybe not. I tried. At least when she's being sweet, she's really sweet, right?

Hang in there.

Sadie said...

I'm all about the Secret. I watched the movie last fall. It might be a load of crap, but it can't hurt anything.

It sounds like a family thing if your husband's brother does it too. My husband puts EVERYTHING in the dishwasher (whether it's supposed to go in there or not), so it doesn't appear to be gender-wide.

I hope the crying stops! How am I supposed to use your baby as an example of why I should get pregnant if she's broken?

Can't wait for the weekly Irritating Husband posts!!!

Dana said...

Sorry about the nonstop crying...if I lived closer, I'd come rock, shush and pace for you so you'd get some rest! About the cup thing.....my hubby does it too! With coffee cups. He just "forgets" where he put his cup so gets a new one out! UGH! As far as the weekly irritating hubby posts, I could definitely write one of my own! Maybe we should start that. It may help cut down on our actual bitching and nagging at them....if we can commisserate and laugh at each other's lives! LOL I'm with ya!

Lynanne said...

A dr. friend of mine recommended Gripe Water for my daughter and Mother's Milk tea (or any tea with fennel seed and anise seed)for me. They use it in Europe. Normally, the scientist in me is skeptical of "natural" remedies. I will use them - I just want evidence that they work. With our daughter, we were desperate to try ANYTHING.

If you want to commiserate with my little girl's bout with colic, click on the "colic" label on my sidebar, scroll down and read from the bottom up. I wrote that my daughter screamed 20 hours a day. Sound familiar?

Colic hasn't been bad this time around. My husband credits the gripe water. He can get my son to calm down instantly by giving a dose. It doesn't work as well for me though I noticed that my son doesn’t thrash as much.

We found the Gripe water at the local natural health food store. Walgreen's had something similar(Gentle Naturals Tummy Soother)but I don’t think it worked as well. It doesn't have fennel, just ginger and chamomile.

Good luck!!! I feel for you!

Lori said...

Oh wow girl! I feel for ya! That is the very reason why we're sticking with two.

If the prevacid didn't work, maybe suggest zantac to your ped? It turned out that Landon had reflux (didn't figure it out until 6 months of age) and the zantac did work for him.

I hope things get better soon friend!!! The Hotsling is on it's way...the boys and I mailed it out yesterday...maybe that will help??? I hope so!!


BethGo said...

Poor you. Poor Elizabeth.

The video and blankets are on their way. I sent them yesterday. Sorry it took so long to get them out. We've had some drama our way so I got stalled a bit.
Anyway, I wonder if they will help.
PUHLEASE do keep us informed.

JNas said...

I do the thing with the cup too..I never use it again either BUT I do put it in the dishwasher at the end of the day!!

Elizabeth is so precious...I just can't imagine that pretty little face crying. I need crying shots!!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Oh my gawd. Our babies are twins born to different mothers.

WE just started Prevacid today and it IS a bitch to get down. Her ped said it would take at least 2 weeks to see improvement. What do we do the rest of the time. Earplugs, tranquilizers darts? Just kidding about the darts.