Thursday, November 02, 2006

TGIF.....Well, Almost

Guess what we are doing tomorrow....come on, take a guess.

Oh yes, it's time for the yearly pilgrimage to show our love and gratitude to the big blue wonder who is Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, we are a sad bunch. This will be our fourth trip to the capital city, three hours each way, to increase the Thomas empire. I think I have mentioned before that Jacob is a Thomas freak, has been since he was about 16 months old. By the time he was two he could recite lines from books and videos and knew every single train by sight and there are many trains. How excited we were to find this event so close (relatively) to us. Who knew we would still be doing it four years later? It is a lot of fun, although not many surprises for us now that we are veterans. We know how to get through the lines and when to go where and can do it with such ease that we can shave two hours off our trip easily. That gives us extra time to spend at the PF Changs across the street; Mommy's reward for spending so much time and money in such a testosterone fired environment. I can't wait to see Adam's reaction this year. He went last year, but was still quite small and slept a good bit. He likes Thomas by association, what brother likes, he likes, so I must run out and get fresh camera batteries to be able catch his first glimpse of that huge train he reads about every night.

As much fun as Thomas is, though, what I am most looking forward to is spending the night away from home, husband, and children with my best friend finally seeing Brad Paisley in concert. Keep your fingers crossed that we make it there without a hitch. The last two times I had Brad Paisley tickets I had a premature baby and then the next time I had a lovely bout of mastitis and had to miss him each time. Third times the charm though, right? So, the weekend can't get here fast enough for me, hope yours is as good as I hope mine is!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

I'll be watching and cheering for the Mountaineers tonight! Maybe they'll be my new favorite team. Or maybe that's a bad idea, I don't bring a lot of luck apparently.

andria said...

Mountaineer fans are the best, when they are ever near you, you should hit a tailgate. It's the best time in the world.

I am so sick about that game tonight I know I won't be able to eat. That is so sad. The Mountaineers are having such a good season and if they lose then it's all downhill after that because they loose their momentum. Plus, I just don't like Louisville all that much.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Yay for Thomas! We've been 3 times so far, but it's only 45 minutes from our house, so it's an easy thing to do. The boys love it and both are Thomas junkies. Have a great time. Next week, we are off to a Wiggles concert (cost a small fortune).

OneHungMan said...

Fortunately, YoungHung hasn't discovered Thomas yet, although he's going to get beat if he doesn't stop saying "Lathytown."

By the way, loved the picture of Darth in your previous post.

Lori said...

You know, Colin sounds like he's almost as big a fan as Jacob, and we still have not done that. We need to soon! :)

You guys have fun and drive safely! I hope you get to go to the concert...he's a great artist, and definitely NOT too hard on the eyes!!

Mike said...

My 3-year loves Thomas. We took a ride when Thomas was nearby. He loved every second. So did my 1-year old.

Have fun.


Michelle said...

have a fun weekend and I hope you get to go to the concert this time!

maybetomorrow said...

Oh yes Thomas - the boy's obsession from 1 yr - 5 yrs...he still will occasionally pull out the trains and track...he would have loved to have seen Thomas in person then...
Hope you had a great weekend and all went well with the concert
Take Care