Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits

Argh...I just found out that my husband is on call until Christmas morning. I am so pissed. We missed Christmas last year because he was working and now we may miss it again. This sucks because Derick hoarded vacation to have all this time at the end of the year and now he can't use it. He will end up losing at least a week. How ironic that the biggest reason he turned down great Ohio job was it offered one less week of vacation. Figures. We had planned on going to the lake on the 21st and having Santa go there and it was also going to be the first Christmas in two years we would spend with my sister's family. My sister has moved heaven and earth to do this and now we may not even be there! She is going to be pissed as well. We could stay here and open presents Christmas morning and then speed like demons to get there by late afternoon but then we miss everything. My family misses everything. My sister has to go back two days after so I will miss all that time with her. What I really want to do is stick with my original plan sans Daddy and then let Daddy be the one to speed like demons to make it there by the time the kids awaken, oh, around 5.

It is hot here....hot as Hades. I can't take it anymore. It's almost December and we are wearing shorts. I really, really don't like Texas. Have I mentioned that before?

Did they cancel Brothers and Sisters? I have noticed my tivo isn't picking it up and the only episode coming up is a rerun. Why is it I like every show that no one else does? I still want to know how The Book of Daniel turned out and who killed Sam on Reunion. Dropping shows mid story line is just not fair....I mean, did Joan of Arcadia wage war with evil? We will never know.

I recently heard of an affordable neighborhood on the other side of town that is in close proximity (sorta, kinda) to Derick's crappy job. It never occurred to me to try the other side of the beltway but I am thinking this may be the answer to my prayers. I have given up on thinking my husband will ever leave his current company because he had the perfect opportunity this summer and gave it up. The odds of him being transferred somewhere decent are slim to none so that leaves us living in the depths of hell basically forever. So, what I plan to do is research this place and find out who lives there, what the schools are like, and how far exactly it would be from the job and make a pitch to the husband that we get the hell out of here before next school year...the sooner the better.

Our Thanksgiving meal was awesome if I do say so myself. I had a great time cooking it and an even better time eating it. I made a new green bean dish in the crock pot and it was awesome. The old standbys were pretty good as well. I am ready for more, but alas, it is gone. Can't wait until Christmas to do it all over again. I am thinking about starting a recipe blog because I find so many great, great recipes that would be a shame not to share. If you think you would be interested let me know because you want this green bean recipe, trust me.

Oh, and these are pizelles....

you need a pizelle iron to make them, it's kind of like a small waffle iron. They are typically flavored with anise and taste like licorice. In northern WV where there are lots of old Italian ladies you can find them a dime a dozen at craft fairs during the holiday season. No such luck here so I got my own iron and will do it myself this year.


Amie said...

Last Christmas, I did exactly what you are considering. I went and stayed with my family for the week before Christmas and hubby had to drive up on Christmas Eve. I was so tired of giving up every single holiday with family because of his job.

That pizelle looks great!

Sadie said...

I am sorry your Christmas plans are getting messed up. I would do the whole go ahead without Daddy thing, too. But then I'm not Daddy.

I've been worried about Brothers & Sisters, too, but it will be back this Sunday. It's a repeat though.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'm sorry about your Christmas plans! I'm also sorry about the heat. It's been nice here, but we are supposed to get an artic blast by weeks end. I'm sure I'll be jealous of your weather by the weekend. I love Pizelles! If Jason wasn't allergic to them, I'd take a ride down to Little Italy and pick some up. They sell them at every grocery around here, but they just aren't the same.

Lori said...

Oh wow, the pizelles are beautiful! I doubt I would like the taste though b/c I'm not big on licorice. Oh well! :)

I would LOVE the green bean recipe. I'm all about trying new things!

Sorry to hear about your Christmas plans. I would say head on out without the Hubby. It's better to be with some family don't you think? I hope you find something that works!


Shane said...

Pizelles...oh I love them! I don't have the iron though. We do a cookie exchange in our neighborhood but nobody makes them. Rats! You know, I think if I were you I'd keep my original Christmas plans with my sister too. You don't get to see her that often, right? Surely, your hubby would understand.

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about your hubby being on call! How disappointing! If he had his vacation time and already had that time scheduled off how can they make him be on call now? That sucks. I would stick to your original plans too for all the reasons you mentioned - you don't get to see your sister that often and you'll both miss out on this opportunity. I hope it all works out.

I would be interested in checking out your recipe blog :)

The pizelle looks/sounds yummy - except does it taste like black licorice or red? LOL

I watch Brothers & Sisters too it was new last week. The one sister-in-law is pg (did you see where both brothers donated sperm so they wouldn't know who the father was?)

Tracey said...

I love Brothers and Sisters! Hope it's still going on!

The pizelles look pretty! My family makes an Italian cookie that is something like that and I can't, for the life of me, come up with any name for them other than rosettes...