Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen New Things I Have Found and Enjoy


Sees Candies Gourmet Lollipops. They come in butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, and cafe latte. Delicious.


Cafe Au Lait, only easier

White Castle cheeseburgers in your grocer's freezer. I love me some White Castle. Did I say I wasn't going to eat fatty foods again? Well, six weeks was a good try.


Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist
It's the only thing that settles my stomach and it is tasty to boot.

5. Tree Top Spiced Apple Cider
Sorry, can't find a picture, but it tastes just like mulled cider and you don't have to do anything. Awesome.


Marzetti Yogurt Fruit Dip
Seems the only thing I can truly stomach these days is fruit and having this little dip around livens it up a bit and its lo-cal.


Go Bananas Snapple
I have been craving this ever since I bought one at a gas station somewhere in Tennessee or maybe Kentucky in May. I haven't been able to find it since but assures me they are still selling it. Love, love, love this stuff.


Coke Blak
I have only had this twice as it is WAY more expensive than I want to spend on a small drink, but it is good.

Sara Lee Blueberry Crumble Bread
I don't personally love this, although it is okay, but Adam can't get enough of it and it's easy to throw a piece on a plate for him in the early morning hours.


Slow Cooker Liner
I use my crock pot at least once a week. It was the best wedding gift we received. I don't know how I lived so long without them. Of course there is all kinds of info floating around about how you shouldn't warm foods around plastic, but shoot, you gotta die of something.


French Vanilla Eggo Waffles
My family has gone through at least thirty boxes of these since I first saw them in September. Please, oh please, don't be a limited run thing. My kids love these and will eat them without syrup they are that tasty.


Haggen Daaz Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream
I saw a show on Food Network this summer called Scoop. HD held a contest to create a new ice cream flavor and the whole show followed three women and their quest to win the contest. In the end, this flavor took the prize although I thought another one sounded much better,something about toasted coconut, lime, and macadamia nuts, but when I saw this in the store I wanted to try it and I wasn't disappointed. I am not much of an ice cream fan though.


Burts Bees Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Shampoo
OK, not food, but I needed thirteen things and this was new and I do enjoy it. It smells great and makes my hair feel nice. Thanks, Erin, for sending it my way.

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

I haven't seen most of those, but must try all of those. The slow cooker liners are a definite keeper.

Michelle said...

Wow you sure have a lot of great things on that list! I like Sierra Mist, but haven't seen the Cranberry Splash - will have to look for it in the grocery store! Will be buying the Tree Top Spiced Apple Cider as I enjoy a good cider! Haven't seen the new French Vanilla waffles, but will have to look for them now, as well as the banana snapple! Thanks for all the great tips!

Sadie said...

Oh, excellent list, I'm going to try some of those, especially the crockpot liners and the shampoo and the eggos and the apple cider!

And bwahahaha at the "gotta die of something."

Have a good Thursday!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm, there are some things on here I never tried... very interesting!!

Jenny Ryan said...

Ooh, Sees candy is delicious!