Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits.

If I get one more phone call from a damn candidate I am going to flip out. I get up to ten messages a day from republicans and democrats and libertarians begging me to get out and vote and let my voice be heard. Here's my voice: I did not vote for any candidate who called me more than once. If I had to shred your box busting flyers, you, too, were a no vote. To Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, you might be the best person for the job, but I wouldn't know as I tuned you out three weeks ago with the daily junk mail and three calls a day. The straw that broke your back was when your recorded message came through at 9:30 last night scaring the shit out of me. How do you have my number since I am on a do not call list?

Can Brad Paisley be any hotter? My friend taught him in the fifth and sixth grades and she kept his school picture up there for all her current students to see. I am sure he was exactly the type of kid that the cool girls all overlooked way back when. I bet they are kicking themselves in the ass right about now. As if I could not love him any more, he used a guitar with the WV Mountaineer logo on it during his concert Saturday night and then again last night when he performed on the CMA awards. That takes guts after that embarrassing loss to Louisville Thursday night.

Speaking of embarrassing losses......uh, why in hell did they allow that game to go on IN THE DARK for the entire second half???? I smell a scandal.

Oh, how I love PF Changs. I was able to indulge twice this week and am still craving it. Why can't they build one on my side of town? It might make this scummy place a little more tolerable.

Does this seem odd to you? My husband made himself a blog, which is a-ok with me, but I am not allowed to view it in any manner. Hmmm. It might not bother me if he didn't check mine out every day during his lunch break.

I would stay at the one hotel that gives three free cocktails a night to guests while I am pregnant. That was just cruel.

Why does hearing "Sweet Home Alabama" make me happy? I am not from Alabama nor have I ever even visited the state.

Eighty degrees in November is just wrong, plain wrong. I should not be sending my child to school in shorts this close to the holidays.

When should I start to worry that my youngest doesn't speak? I actually find it extremely cute that when I ask him to say something he shakes his head "no" to me. He understands everything said to him and hears just fine, in fact whisper the word "cake" across the room and he'll come running. I really do not find this a problem yet, but I know Erin's son is being forced into speech therapy now and he is only six weeks older than mine.

Any good Thanksgiving recipes ya'll want to share? Specifically vegetable side dishes? I LOVE to cook the turkey day meal, but I am getting a little sick of the green bean casserole every year. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Happy Election Day to you all! May tomorrow your phones be quiet and your mailboxes empty and let the Christmas commercials begin.


Sadie said...

No kidding. I swear, being home to watch TV all day loses its appeal when the commercial breaks are nothing but mud slinging.

Hmm. Secret Husband Blog. Very interesting indeed.

And I understand the disappointment about last week's game, but girl, you don't hold a candle to my embarassing losses! I shouldn't have been rooting for the Mountaineers. I told you I was bad luck.

And? I love Brad Paisley. Aren't he and his wife expecting?

andria said...

Don't even freaking remind me about Brad's pregnant wife....makes me so sad. He should be married to me.

Lori said...

PF CHANG'SSSsssss!!!! LOVE, love, LOVE that place!!!

Do you all have a Pei Wei near you? Did you know that they are owned and run by the same people with pretty much the same food at a fraction of the cost??? We eat there at least 3 times a month...YUMMMMMMMM!

Yep, I'm done with the phone calls too. One rep called this morning asking for my vote (taped of course), told me all the reasons why I should choose him....and didn't even say thank you. Now..if you can't even remember your manners when I'm forced to listen to your dribble, why should I vote for you dufas???

andria said...

Yep, got excited when I saw that Pei Wei go in, but you sit so close together in there and with the kids that wasn't a good mix, plus they didn't have garlic noodles or hot tea so it wasn't a go for me.

Amie said...

I love Sweet Home Alabama! The whole time we were driving thru Alabama on our trip (a lot!), I thought it should of been playing on the radio.

How unfair, you can't read hubby's blog??

Beck said...

The Top Secret Husband Blog would weird me out. As for your non-talking kiddo - were the rest of your kids late talkers? Does he understand what's said to him? I have friends with kids in speech therapy for just that reason, and it does make a LOT of difference, and it's easier dealt with earlier.

BethGo said...

I don't want to stir up anything between you and your hubby. I'm sure there is no ulterior motive but I don't like the idea of the secret blog either. If he wanted to keep it secret, why did he tell you about it?
I'm very nosy though so I would look anyway. Hee hee. ;)

Tracey said...

My my. So much in one post!

1. secret blog - not good. WTF?!?

2. Thank God election day is upon us cuz I hear ya on the paper and phone calls. I got one in SPANISH today on my voice mail. ugh.

3. Thanksgiving veggie dish. Super easy. Make it every year:

Melt about half of a Velveeta package in the microwave (don't overcook).
Mix in with a can of cream of mushroom soup and a cup of rice.
Combine this with a head of broccoli, cauliflower and a bag of baby carrots (all cut up, of course).

Cook. (you want time and temp? gawd. 350ish for about half an hour. ok?)

You can top with the dried French onion thingies that come in a can for the crunch factor, or serve as is.
We love it.

OneHungMan said...

There is a big difference between doesn't speak and can't speak. YoungHung is making progress on his speech, but he's stubborn like his father, so at times he chooses not to repeat words and does enjoy shaking his head 'no.'

If the little boy chooses not to speak, OHM wouldn't be too worried, but if he can't speak, then you should worry.

Michelle said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on this post - and then couldn't much at all yesterday as blogger was down (for me anyway!)

You asked about holiday side dishes recipes. Did you see the one I posted last month for candied yams? They are really delicious - here's the link if you're still looking for side dishes: