Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits

It's warm again. I miss seasons. I want orange leaves and snow flurries. I want to quit using my air conditioner. It is not right to Christmas shop wearing shorts and flip flops.

We took the kids to see Santa this weekend. Yes, we really did. I absolutely refuse to go to the mall after Thanksgiving so it's become a tradition for us to try to be the first ones on Santa's lap. I thought others might have the same idea, but no, we were pretty much the only ones to chat with Santa that morning. No line, no rush, plenty of time for Jacob to fill Santa in on all his desires PLUS Adam's because no way was Adam hanging with that scary stranger. Remember Easter? I got the most awesome picture too, but now the scanner is broken, so you must face it.....no pictures from me for a while.

I am increasingly frustrated by the idiots who cannot follow the drop off rules at Jacob's school each morning. The school has two driveways, one for students from the east of the school the other the west. If you use your assigned driveway the traffic flows in and out flawlessly, yet every day some stupid nut goes out the wrong one. This means where everyone should be turning right to get out and head west on my assigned driveway easily, the one a-hole holds up the entire line trying to turn left while in the east driveway everyone is turning left without a problem. WHY? I still have to laugh at all the WWJD bumper stickered cars carrying persons with such road rage. I have a hard time believing Jesus would flip me off for driving the speed limit.

I cannot keep my house clean. I worked most of the afternoon getting the entire downstairs spotless, it even smelled clean. In less than an hour my kids had torn the cushions off the couch, pulled the toys out again, and spilled crumbs and juice all over the mopped floor. Why do I even bother?

I am so tired of having to check and flush all the toilets every morning. I finally convinced my son that flushing would not carry him away to the ocean, now I need to reteach the husband the same thing. He does not flush the toilet at night for fear of waking someone up, I am down with that, but what I don't understand is why he uses all three and can't flush them before he leaves in the morning. He still pulls the I-don't-want-to-wake-you excuse because he does leave at 6 while we are still in bed, yet he flips on lights, starts loads of laundry, and speaks loudly to the dog at that time; how is a little flush going to make a difference?

Who else is impressed with Rutgers this year? Rutgers has sucked, completely and utterly sucked, since I started following college football in 1985. They are in the Big East conference so WVU plays them every year. We have never lost to them in all that time. My friends and I attended every single home game, but if we played Rutgers or Temple sometimes we wouldn't bother to leave the tailgate, I mean we knew what the outcome would be and they don't allow alcohol at Mountaineer Field (can you believe that?) I was absolutely thrilled to see they knocked off Louisville Thursday night and are one of only a handful of unbeaten teams, the only one in the Big East. Of course I will flip out if WVU is beaten by Rutgers, but I am a sucker for the underdog and would love to see them play a huge bowl game if not the big bowl game.....which brings me to, HA, Texas was beaten by unranked Kansas State Saturday night. Again, score one for the underdog.

I have most of my Christmas shopping done. Like I said before, the mall isn't a good place to be in the coming weeks so I am done going there. Anything else I come up with will have to purchased online. I am still on the hunt for Sarge and Lizzie diecast cars (from the Cars movie) and the new Rosie train. If you see them, let me know.


Anonymous said...

We don't have alcohol at Tiger football either. And we REALLY need it!

My husband is a Big East fan too, so he's all excited about Rutgers. I think it's awesome, I love it when somebody messes with the "big guys." I always cheer for the underdog.

I have not bought a single Christmas present. Of course, given my current situation, I may not ever buy any. At least it'll save me the trouble. I hate shopping.

Anonymous said...

We were just talking about the Rutgers lastnight....they're doing awesome! We are very impressed!

Anonymous said...

OneHung is somewhat impressed with Rutgers this year. In the grand scheme of things, he doubts they are top ten material as just about anyone else in the top ten would probably wipe them up.

He feels Louisville was highly overrated, despite the beatdown they put on your Mountaineers.

Nonetheless, it's a hell of a time to be a Rutgers fan.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I can't believe you went to see Santa. I don't think ours is even there yet. I agree with you on the toilet thing. I put a stop to that with my hubby a few months ago. I told him they will just have to learn to sleep through the flushing. No one has woken up yet. Your WWJD bumper sticker comment cracked me up. You are too funny:D Have a great week (oh yeah, our Easter picture looks exactly the same and I expect no better with Santa)

Shane said...

I don't know how much you want to pay, but eBay has a ton of both Sarge and Lizzie. Good luck.

Lori said...

I'm so jealous, I'm not even close to being done shopping, and I really want to be. I didn't realize Santa came to the mall so early! We'll have to check in to that.

Ditto on the toilet flushing. It must be the curse put on women who live in a house full of boys. Nice!

BethGo said...

We were at the mall over the weekend and saw that Santa was all set up. Aidan wanted to see him right then and I said no. Why? Because I'm a grouchy b*&#! that's why.
No, really it's because at the time, I thought it was just wrong considering that we haven't even had Thanksgiving.
I'm kicking myself now that I've seen your logic. Maybe we'll go back this weekend.
I love the mall.
Thanks for the tip.